Extract data from Pdf to Excel.

From Private organizations and, Education institutes to Government Ofice, PDFs are used for a variety of reasons. Their ability to see from a wide range of environments makes them particularly attractive for exchanging critical information.

A Portable Document Format is a file format for sharing and exchanging business data. While you can view, save, and print PDF files, editing, or extracting data from PDF files can be a pain.

Without the right software and tools, it is a very challenging task to convert PDFs to Excel. 

Don’t worry.

In this article, I’m gonna show you how to extract data from PDF to Excel using Docextractor’s free PDF to Excel converter.

So, let’s get started.

Challenges in PDF data extraction

It is very critical things to Extract Data from PDF because if there is some mistake in extracting data, you will lose the data.

In other document formats such as DOC, XLS, or CSV, extracting a piece of data is quite an easy and straightforward task. You need to just edit the data and next, copy and paste. On the other hand, in PDF cases, extracting Data is quite challenging.

When you have a large number of PDFs for Data Extraction, it is impossible to copy and paste the data by maintaining the Original Format, especially while, you are trying to extract a Table from a PDF. These issues can lead to errors, delays, and increased costs that can seriously impact your bottom line.

Luckily, there is a solution to it, like Docextractor which can efficiently extract data from PDF documents.

Why should I extract data from PDF to an Excel document?

Basically, there are many reasons to extract Data From PDF to Excel Files.

Some of these reasons are:

  • Editing the PDF to add more data.
  • Turning your PDF into a measurable data set and Sharable Document.
  • Digitizing your PDF.
  • And, are many more reasons for doing it.

How to Extract Data from PDF File

In Increasing order of Accuracy and Efficiency, here are the 5 different ways to Extract Data From PDF;

1. Copy and Paste

OH Yeah. Copy Paste. It is very easy, Everyone can do it. A Copy Paste method is the most practical method, especially when it comes to working with a small number of simple PDF documents.

Only You need to;

  • Open each PDF file and Select the data or text on a specific page.
  • Copy the selected data and Paste it into a DOC, XLS, or CSV file.

This simple approach often results in data extraction that is erratic and error-prone. You need to spend considerable time reconstructing the extracted information in a meaningful way.

2. Manual Data entry by Outsourcing 

House Manual data extraction from PDFs for a large number of documents can become prohibitively expensive and unsustainable in the long run. Though, Outsourcing manual data entry is both cheaper and faster. 

You can hire freelancers from Online service websites like Freelancer, Fiver, and Upwork to do this. Although this approach can reduce data extraction costs and delays, data security and Quality Control are serious concerns!

3. PDF converters

PDF converters allow data extraction to be handled in-house while being fast and efficient. For Data security and Quality, It would be one of the good choices. PDF converter software is available as web-based online solutions and even mobile applications.

In these online tools, you can convert PDF to XLS file or  CSV format. You just need to upload the PDF document and convert it to your preferred format. But, in the case of Bulk Data Extraction, it is not possible and one has to repeat the data extraction process for documents one by one.

4. Online PDF table extraction tools

As we know, PDF documents contain text, tables, and also some images. illustrations. Normally, the data of interest is usually in tables. PDF converters process entire documents without providing the option to restrict data extraction to a specific section of the PDF.

You can import a PDF file directly into Excel and extract tabular data from it:

  • Open an Excel sheet
  • Data tab > Get Data drop-down > File > PDF
  • Choose a PDF file and Import it.
  • You will see the Preview of it
  • Select a table and click Load. After that, it is imported into your Excel sheet.

Extracting and Importing Data to Excel is a quite simple task. But, the Multi-pages Table, shows some errors.

5. Automated PDF Data extraction

AI-Based OCR software or Automated Data Extraction Software, Docextractor offers the most effective solution to the problem of Extract Data From PDF to Excel.

These AI-based Data Extraction Software like Docextractor, are very Efficient, Reliable, Secure, Extremely Fast, Scalable, and Pocket Friendly. This Software can handle scanned documents as well as PDF files.

Docextractor, an Automatic PDF data extractor uses a combination of AI, ML, OCR, RPA, text recognition, pattern recognition, and other techniques to extract data accurately. You can use this AI Data Extraction Tool, to extract data from PDF to Excel files, accurately.

Why should I use Docextractor to Extract data from PDF to Excel?

As we know, there are many online converter tools available on the web that converts your PDF to an Excel file and send it to your email, only one by one, not in bulk. Docextractor is an expert at the Bulk conversion of PDFs. Only, you need to upload the document, setting Praise rules to extract and Download. Docextractor OCR extracts all kinds of information like phone numbers, email addresses, names, or required fields in a PDF and anything that you want, in just a Minute

How to convert or Extract Data From PDF to Excel with Docextractor

AI-based software, Docextractor, and PDF to Excel converter can convert any document such as invoices, Bills of Lading, purchase orders, Pay slips,s or any document into structured data in real-time. 

Here is the process of how you can Extract Data from PDF to Excel;

  1. Sign up Docextractor free trial to know and use the feature of the AI converter. Once configured, it can extract tables from PDF documents that have a similar format. 
  2. After signing up and Configuring, you need to upload any documents. As I mentioned above, Docextractor is all about batch-converting PDF files. 
  3. Once you have uploaded the documents, you need to table extraction parsing rule. A rule is a set of instructions that say our algorithm how to extract tables from your PDF document. And, finally, Docextractor will Extract Data From PDF to an Excel file.
  4. Once, Data Extracting is completed, you need to use the Download Data link from the Running Software interface and select File Export Type. 


I hope you have got everything about Data Extraction From PDF to Excel and How Docextractor will help you and your Business to Extract Data From PDF to Excel. 

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Download the full case study now!!

    Download the full case study now!!

      Download the full case study now!!