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Our API can extract different kinds of complex data from highly varied, multifaceted business invoices.



With our API you can have error free data from passport and KYC documents using OCR technology. These data will be placed in appropriate fields as well.


Bank Statements

Our OCR API can extract required data from bank statements such as deposits, withdrawals, interests, checks, and payments.


ID Card

Our API can provide you meaningful digital data from ID cards using OCR technology.



Our API can extract useful data like total amount, tax amount, date and merchant name from the raw receipt.


Insurance Claim Documents

Insurance claim documents involve a lot of critical data and thus require proper documentation. Our OCR API can help you to make it a digital document.


Cheque Book Data

Our OCR API can extract data from cheque books and can also fill the data into related fields.


Logistics Information

Logistics services have a lot of paperwork and thus require structured error-free documentation. Our OCR API can extract data and digitalize those data.


Number Plate

With our OCR API, you can extract license plate/Number Plate details easily.


What is Intelligent OCR?

Intelligently captures data from both email and paper documents using AI and capture automation to search, interpret, validate, and extrapolate semantic meaning from invoices, sales and purchase orders and shipping receipts. Intuitively performs field mapping and data collection.

What is IDC?

IDC stands for Intelligent Data Capture , IDC is the process of identifying and extracting particular data from images , pdfs , scanned pdfs or electronic data . IDC is different from OCR , OCR only converts images to text without giving particular attention to the set of data which needs to be extracted . Intelligent data capture uses OCR under the hood . Industry which leverages a lot of paperwork can reduce their manual job by 70% .

Where is the Intelligent Data Capture System Applicable?

IDC is best suited for sectors like financial institutions, loan processing, insurance sector, Accountancy firms or any industry which has a lot of paperwork to process on a daily basis . Omni-channel Experiences: Companies and users can upload documents from anywhere just by clicking photos of the document using a mobile camera . IDC technique will only retrieve the particular data . Process Standardization: Customizing platforms to the demands of document processing standardize processes and enables automation to kick off in several areas of the value chain.