Data Entry Automation: Optimize Document-Based Workflow

Think of your length ledgers, registers, and important cloud if they are uploaded quickly, with software Minimize repetitive manual work if possible then it will be magical, isn’t it?

What role does Data automation play in today’s smart business? how to use it and where to use it? 

In this article, I am going to show you the complete information about Data entry automation.

      Here I will talk about these topics,

  • What is Data entry
  • What is Data Entry Automation
  • How does it work
  • Benefits of Data Entry Automation
  • And much more information

Let’s get started.

What is Data Entry?

 Data Entry is the process of transcribing pieces of information or updating records into an electronic medium, database, or computer system. It’s about inputting any kind of information like numeric, symbolic, or alphabetic.

 Importance of Data

Today every small to big business has realized that for growth and convenience of business consumer database assets are incredible. 

Here are some important reasons why should you use the data below;

  1. Data empower you to make the right and informative decisions.
  2. Identify problems.
  3. Data helps you to figure out the exact Accurate theories and helps to develop them.
  4. Ensure the safety of people and property.
  5. Enhance quality products.

Possibilities seem limitless when you have the right data, Mastery of data, and in-depth analysis. And keeping all these advantages in mind, it can be said that data collection will bring a radical change to your conventional system.

What is Data Entry Automation?

Data Entry Automation is a process that uses robotic process automation, and software-based solutions to handle your data and data-related organizations. It basically depends on a tool or optical character recognition. Data automation software takes the help of RPA–OCR technology. Also, we will also be introduced to two techniques;

  1. Rule-based Techniques
  2. Machine learning techniques

Let’s know about this technology and techniques

RPA -RPA is robotic process Automation. Where software-related robotic technology takes your manual work and value-creating task.RPA is ideal for business and today’s industry progress.

OCR- OCR is optical character recognition. It’s text recognition.OCR helps to convert text pdf types of alphabet any manual written language into software’s language. It’s a dream feature for many businessmen and industrial people.

How does Data Entry Automation work?

Data entry automation basically a robotic process that uses for optical character recognition to find data on your documents. OCR software scans each file the robotic technology validates it against information that you save earlier. As your data is indexed it’s saved to your ERP. From there, data can be reused for another important business process. You can start custom intervals from that you can tell your software when they need manual review, and it can connect or gives a signal to your employees.

Benefits of Data Entry Automation

Optical character recognition and software-based process-driven solutions for accurate, fastest, and most informative document processing with happier employees. Yes, you hear it right.

Now I am going to point out the point that will correspond to the letter of my word

So let’s look at this,

  • Data automation saves lots of time and paperwork.
  • Reduce error.
  • Faster document processing.
  • More accurate and informative business data.
  • Less manual work happy employee.
  • More satisfied and easy to process.

These things are important for building up a business so it’s proven that data entry automation is really beneficial.

5 Easy Steps of Data Entry Automation

The process of data entry automation can be summarized in 5 steps easily;

Step #1: Upload the Source of Data 

In step one develop your list of requirements for the new system. The Data (pdf, images, scanned files, etc) are received in raw data in many different formats so our first step is to import them into a database or Data entry automation software, Docextractor.

Step #2: The Preparation stage 

In this stage, each document or Data becomes a simplified algorithm or formula by using OCR and Artificial intelligence.

Step #3: Selective extraction 

Depending on the type of document or data you have received. There are different Data extraction methods for different data like OCR, text extraction, and automatic image annotation.

You can train the Docextractor software as a training tool about what document you need, which part is unnecessary, and which part is important without repeating the command each time.

Step #4: Verification of Data 

Here you can check manually and non-manually the details of data about its accuracy before importing data automation software. By the way, This step is optional because high-quality data automation software like Docextractor can easily verify accurate data.

Step #5: Transfer Data to the destination location

Here is the final step, Your data is finally ready for transfer. Once recheck everything now you can import them into automation software. Did you realize these steps help you reduce errors and heavy manual effort?

Use cases for data Entry automation

No matter where you work whether it can is in the industry, estate Data entry automation is always a key to success. In life time is the biggest asset and it saves time, man, and energy.

So here are some uses cases of data entry automation below,

  • The finance Sector
  • Transcribing
  • Accounting
  • Bill of lading
  • Research

The Future of Data Entry Automation

Data is the soul of modern business. It’s a crucial part of any small and big industry. Companies and others rely on it significantly to better understand to make strategic decisions. Not accurate Data is not just a fault It will set you back years. So the entire future of industry and business depends on DATA ENTRY AUTOMATION.

Data Entry Automation with Docextractor

Docextractor is an automated data entry software with advanced-level Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. Docextractor Provide the best quality automation service to small and large business to adopt automation in intelligent document processing and boost their revenue at a low cost.

Here are the two real-life case studies:

  • By Using Docextractor, European and American Business owners
  • save 95% of the time spent on manual data entry.
  • By Using Docextractor, Advantage Marketing Scales its business 5x times.


Which features are most needed in Data entry software?

The must-have features are,

  • Recognize multiple forms and data.
  • Easily integrate with your ERP.
  • Able to connect or inform your team when data needs manual review.

Can I use Automate data entry in excel and how?

Yes, you can use it, On the Data tab click Data validation choose to list in allow box then type your list into the source box with a (,) between each item then press OK to add the list.

What is the best data entry Automation software?

Docextractor is the best data entry Automation software.


Data entry automation refers to software-based solutions that can optimize data entry by reducing manual processes. I hope you have got the complete information on Data Entry Automation from this article. 

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Download the full case study now!!

    Download the full case study now!!

      Download the full case study now!!