Document Processing in Logistics: Why use Automated Software?

document processing in logistics

There are several benefits of using automated software. To manage the structured as well as unstructured data, automated software is used. A document also contains essential documents of transportation. The documents processing software turns out useful for business management and industrial purposes. The documents keep the calculations and records of various business values. Manual processing of the documents takes time and costs much. However, it also causes the chances of errors. After the arrival of automated document processing software, the complications have been in control. Today, in this blog, we’ll discuss ‘Why use Document processing Software for Document Processing in Logistics?’

What are Logistics?

The term ‘Logistics’ is widely used in industrial and business sectors. It is used especially in manufacturing units. Mainly, it is the process of managing the acquired resources, storing them, and transporting them to a particular destination. It also works by identifying the distributor and supplier. It also determines their working abilities and effectiveness. A company keeps records of everything. Manual entry of the data may cause mistakes and changes in the given information. It consumes time and huge costs as well. While introducing the software to the logistic department, the workflow has increased by thousand times. The automated software increases the efficiency of the work leads to raising the productivity of the company.

How logistics are managed by document processing software?

The document processing software handles two types of documents. First of all, structured documents such as bills of lading and secondly, unstructured documents such as packing lists. In the recent document processing of logistics stores and manages data using a simple document management system (DMS). They store the meta beta instead of storing the document content. It supports a wide range of document extraction services in terms of content, types, and sources. The software does not work on documents directly. It changes the document by scattering them into multiple repositories. The software reduces the visuality and the document-driven workflow process. It is costly, inefficient, and consuming as well.

Document processing software processes different document content, types, and resources. It does not work by processing the document directly. Instead, it produces a series of actions that runs the logistic process. In document processing of logistics, it requires human effort before the data is being extracted. It contains insufficient batches to manage all document data. It contains several steps to transform document content into action. The process consumes a sufficient amount of time. There are several documents in the form of PDF, which are not easily transformed or merged. Using the software enables millions of document records in a day. Due to this, the volume of the document increases and produces new document types as well.

Manual document extraction is time-consuming, prone to errors, and huge cost. Document processing software such as Docextractor extracts logistic documents quickly and produces no errors. The tools that are useful in extracting logistic documents such as IDP or Intelligent Document Processing. Document processing software does not extract data itself. It includes some features that help in the easy data extraction of logistic documents.

The tool that is useful in document processing of logistics is IDP.


IDP or Intelligent Document Processing converts the huge pdf into well-arranged form. It converts an unstructured document into a structured document format. The pdf gets easily convert to XML, JSON, or other documents. It is machine learning technology that recognizes data of all kinds, formats, and origins. Not only that, it extracts the data by maintaining a standard template. It is capable of recognizing different languages, templates, and layouts. It can easily extract images from docx. Data extraction through IDP is easy and does not require human labor. It is helpful to business companies for easy extraction of data. 

document processing in logistics

Why use Document Processing Software for Document Processing in Logistics?

To make a payment for the carrier against generated bills of lading. In that case, the software pulls out the document from the document repository. After that, reformate them to a standard template. Digital document processing in logistics, requires human interventions. Logistics documents can be said as complex documents. Data extraction through IDP is only the way of processing logistics documents digitally. When the technologies are not introduced, the companies have to depend upon human intervention. It takes time, causes multiple errors, chances for mistakes, and losing the files again. Document processing software worked by increasing productivity by lowering costs. Docextractor can extract thousands of logistic documents by itself.

Working of Automated Document Processing in Logistics 

The AI technologies have improved the technologies to an extent level. The AI-based software Docextractor provides multiple features. It helps the user in easy and comfortable document extraction of a logistic document.

Document Classification

Digital document processing of logistic processes through IDP. It is a machine learning and deep learning-based technology. So, it is capable of auto-categorize, auto- classifying, and auto-crop of a logistic document. During the process within the system, it does not require human intervention. Due to the presence of the technology, it can read every layout, format, and template. They prefer coding as their language and understand them. The automated software, Docextractor focuses on several logistics solutions. The solutions such as Commercial Invoices, Bills of Lading, and Accounts Payable Invoices.

Data Extraction

Logistics documents are complex documents. That means they remain in unstructured form. In that IDP, it is also capable of extracting the complex and unstructured documents to a well-arranged format. After extracting the text, it understands the context of the document. That allows the system to convert the unstructured document to a structured form. Not only that, but it also maps out the document schema. In this case, the software is capable to extract images from docx as well. Docextractor allows every type of document and extracts them according to the customer’s requirement. It also features in extracting logistic documents into PNG, JPG, Excel format, etc. Docextractor updates its system on the basic usability and compatibility of the customer.

Data Exception

When a data exception is found, the system manages through a logistic-focused exception manager. The exception manager tells the user that the document could not be sent into their TMS and why. The system takes and allows the user to see where change needs to make? After correcting and updating the document, the document reprocesses the data and sync with the TMS. In that case, Docextractor is the software that extracts documents quickly and accurately. It is an important part of the digital data extraction of logistic documents. Docextractor provides a security team behind to look into the matter. As it is an online program, the network is a big issue. Sometimes, the server stops but Docextractor programs through the RPA system. RPA runs the entire system automatically so that users find it enough easy.  


Data Release

During the data release, it is pushed into the ERP and TMS. After the account records with information are done, it receives the document. Document comes out automatically through the RPA process. After releasing the document, it requires to collect the data by a human. Checking and enquiring are also required. Only at this time, human labor is required. Similarly, the data extraction software Docextractor also runs through the same process.

Benefits of Document processing in Logistics  

Affordable on Document Processing in Logistics

A large number of costs retains by logistics. Outsourcing is one of the best ways to retain operational costs. You don’t need to hire an employee, train, and hire them. You just need to recruits professionals to deal with document processing in Logistics. It requires vast expenses and can be easily avoided by outsourcing. In this case, Docextractor is the best software for outsourcing purposes. It can also extract all the logistic documents frequently. the software results in no errors and troubles. It is quite affordable.

 Legal Consent

Legal consent is also an essential part of the shipping firm of numerous documents. The document requires to submit after undergoing careful analysis. It also processes the documents on daily basis. Arrange the legal documents and prepare them for the shipping consignments. To ensure perfection, the company makes the maximum utilization of the BPO service. Then the documents require submission to various offices for clearance. By following the entire process it helps in avoiding minor and major errors. Document processing software, Docextractor helps in extracting the numerous documents necessary for legal consent. 

document processing in logistics

On-time delivery

Time management is one of the essential factors in running a successful business. A product is required to be delivered outside the country. It will involve a vast documentation process and consumes a lot of time as well. In the case of on-time delivery, it is necessary to end up the shipping documents. In some cases, if the submission of the documents is delayed, the company does not wait for the documentation process to proceed later. They remove the submission and order to try again. To run a business it is necessary to maintain time integrity. Accordingly, Docextractor helps you in quick extraction of the documents and allows on-time delivery.

Efficient Processing of Document Processing in Logistics

Document processing of logistics in automated software increases the efficiency of the workflow. It helps in achieving an efficient output. The use of Docextractor in various fields also increases the good flow of work and efficiency. Docextractorhas a professional team behind to look at the working progress of the system. The team provided also takes the responsibility of handling the logistics. It also allows the shipping document processing services to handle the entire system. Whereas Docextractor ensures to deliver the best result to extract images from docx, etc., and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. With the help of automated software, the workflow increases. Due to the increase in efficiency of the work, productivity also increases.

Quicker Process

It is an RPA process and the system runs automatically. Such as Docextractor runs through the same process and recruit professional who has in-depth knowledge of shipping document processing. In the case of outsourcing and logistics, it is the best service provider. It eliminates the delay caused by the shipment process. In the logistic sector, the software delivers efficient results. It is also one of the quickest ways to extract documents without compromising on quality. Docextractorprovides the best quality output to the customers. In manual document extraction, processing a vast amount of documents takes time. Not only that, it causes mistakes as well. Due to that, it requires corrections. Recorrection of the document also requires a huge amount of time. Using Docextractor for document extraction of logistic documents is helpful and efficient.

Digitization of Data

Digitization of the document plays an essential role in the digitization of the business documents. Document processing in logistics is to monitor and manage shipping documents. It also allows tracking the physical data. It digitizes every document and enables tracking of the shipping information, the current location, and the area. Every application in social media digitalizes with several features. Docextractor provides digitization of the document easily and quickly.

Excellent Customer Service 

Docextractor provides excellent customer service. The major aim of Docextractor is customer satisfaction and automate document processing in logistics, Docextractor provides an assistant team that ensures to deliver better customer support. It also handles and manages project problems quickly at any time. If errors are found, it requires immediate rectification of errors. After that, it provides a better solution to resolve the issues easily. Before processing the documents into the system, Docextractor passes the documents in pre-processing methods. That allows the documents to erase the issue that causes errors. After the pre-processing methods, the documents pass into the software. The software extracts the document by maintaining a better quality. 

There are several ways in automated document processing of logistics. As we know, logistic data contains vast documentation. It also contains huge records of industrial values. It contains detailed information about the good transport etc. to extract all the document manually, consumes time and causes errors. To control the issues there is a solution. It is the automated document processing software for document processing logistics. There are several advantages of using automated software for document extraction. 


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