What is ICR intelligent character recognition?

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What Does Intelligent Character Recognition mean?

In computer science, intelligent character recognition is a more developed form of optical character recognition (OCR). It is more specific and also known as a handwriting recognition system. It also accepts fonts and different styles of handwriting that a computer or the deep learning system learn. That happens during processing to improve accuracy and recognition of the handwritten characters. ICR’s are usable in terms of handwritten notes because it is more effective and provides more optimal predictions than OCR.

ICR mostly uses a self-learning system which is an integral part of Machine learning. The type of self-learning algorithm ICR uses is called Supervised Machine learning, Supervised learning (SL) is the machine learning task of learning a function that bridges an input to an output based on example input-output pairs. In Supervised Machine Learning, the dataset is labeled by humans themselves and then the model is trained to predict the data over a test set.



How ICR works?


  1. The ICR system takes in handwritten scanned documents and then scans the document to extract the data from it.


2. ICR are even capable of scanning and extracting the data from our ID’s as well with the help of a camera which can transmit proper                    video feed   to the system.


3.Whenever a new pattern or new type of font is detected by the model it immediately learns from the new data with which it has trained itself and then updates the database. This in a way increases the net accuracy of the model.


ICR systems help in eliminating the overhead time-consuming process of data entry by humans. Automation and data extraction save a huge amount of time. The extracted data can further be used to train a different model or have a totally different approach towards automation of data entry process. It is also usable in creating a database for test and researching an advanced systems.

Along with all the advantages ICR technologies have a few disadvantages also in the real world many such documents are not well written, or the handwriting is a bit difficult to understand here the model doesn’t perform to its optimal potential and may face various overshooting issues.


Applications of ICR Systems


  1. ICR systems are components of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) worldwide.


2.It is widely usable in Electronic Document Verification which is checking the information or the identity of separate individuals online. Besides, this type of system is usable in banking and other financial organizations.


3.It is usable in replacing or to automating the manual data entry process on an industrial-level scale.





Benefits of Intelligent Character Recognition


ICR systems make the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems more effective and more efficient as they can detect various forms of fonts styles and various forms of patterns. One does that in each image or a scanned image that he uploads to the system. It uses its artificial neural networks to assist itself to learn on its own from its own experiences which is when it finds new data or here new patterns and styles it updates the pre-existing database and trains itself accordingly to an extent it can even properly understand. It can reduce errors from handwritten notes, Intelligent Character Recognition technology helps input the huge volumes of data with the output prediction with minimal errors.

Now that you know, what is ICR? IN a way OCR systems are low in cost when compared to ICR systems but if a company has massive volumes of data to train the model and if we can combine ICR with OCR it will prove to be evolutionary it will not only reduce manual labor but also give us results with high accuracy.



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