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What is OCR technology, and how does it work?

Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character reader is a technology that is used to extract data from scanned images in the form of texts and store them in text files or JSON files. On the other hand, ICR’s or Intelligent Character Recognition are systems that work similarly but, in a way, it is more advanced than the Previous OCR Systems because it can detect and properly identify handwritten characters one at a time.

Most ICR’s depend on handprints that help the system to identify each handwritten character into individual boxes. ICR’s are systems that are programmed in such a way that it gets better over time, due to this we must constantly update the model and update the dataset on which the model trains. This makes it more time-consuming and since it has to undergo periodic maintenance, the significant cost of the model also increases.


OCR’s on the other hand are less in terms of cost, but we suffer a significantly less optimal output. OCR generally are trained using scanned images or digital copies of each word placed in a box or, which we call the bounding box. Each bounding box contains each word that is labeled there is a pre-defined dataset and then after the model learns from the data it gives its prediction. However, as OCR are trained using digital data only not handwritten documents which makes the model training process to be comparatively easier than the ICR’s which must find Specific patterns in the dataset to train NOT ONLY this but in case of ICR’s the data must be cleared, and we must make sure that the data has the least noise which makes the data prediction easier.


How does Intelligent Document Processing solution works ?

IDP or Intelligent Document Processing is an entire software solution that allows the user to scan in a document or PDF and extract data from it with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). IDP is an entire package where one can customize how they want their system to work every used case.

It has some or other unique features and IDP provides the users with a lot of options to meet their used case starting from pre-processing of the images then coming to applying AI technologies to detect and reduce the noise and identify the areas of interest and finally comes the data extraction part hare also the user can choose how he wants his data to be exported will it be a text, JSON, or .CSV file and many more options to choose form. In a way, OCR and ICR are considered as a part of the package which an IDP system provides.


Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing


Here is a used case where an IDP software uses OCR to detect text from a document that is provided. This process will also take us through how the IDP systems work.

When we consider a PDF of an invoice, the first step of the process is pre-processing the data so that the model prediction comes well. The data or the images with which the model will be trained is properly cleared according to the requirements.

After the pre-processing part is over the data is then passed into the AI model where the model gets or predicts the proper regions of interest in an invoice (invoice no., date, billed to, etc.), and based on the prediction of the model we will be extracting the data.

The final part of the IDP software will be cropping out the regions of interest and then extracting the data from them, in a way of extracting the text from the PDF or the invoice and then converting them into a .txt , JSON, or any other format the user desires.


Now we know what OCR’s ICR’s and IDP systems are and how they function and how we can integrate them in our industry use cases and how they can be used in our day-to-day lives.


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