What is Accounts Payable Automation? (A to Z Guide)

The ultimate benefit of this automation system are endless, and the concept is pretty simple, the work that takes you a long hour, paperwork, lots of people labor, and unimaginable stress smart software will handle that task for you in just a short time. But there are so many touch points like purchase orders, supplier invoices approvals and approvals and accounting that are still done manually which takes a long time to process. 

Here are some questions that have crossed your mind so far What role does automation play in the accounts payable function? How does it,s work? Is it really that beneficial? 

In this article, I will show you,

  • What is Accounts Payable automation
  • Process of  account payable 
  • About Docextractor Automate Accounts Payable Software
  • And, lots more

So, Let’s dive right now.

What is Account Payable?

 Account payable is the company’s short-term obligations that owe to vendors. It’s basically unpaid money for the services they get. The account payable is recorded when an invoice is approved for payment in the company,s balance sheet. companies monitor the AP process to ensure timely payments to improve their financial conditions and settle their investment.

What is Accounts Payable Automation?

Account Payable Automation is a process used by modern business by which it handled online business network that connects trading patterns digitally using account payable software. It minimizes manual intervention and eliminates error formats which helps to save a lot of time and improve the financial transaction system.

What is the Account Payable Process?

Before understanding the Account Payable process, you need to know the meaning of accounts payable it means money that is unpaid or a business owes to its suppliers.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for more accuracy.

Step #1: Invoice Received

An invoice is basically a bill sent to a customer as paper or electronically for those products and services that they had received but didn’t pay for that. Receiving documentation of the expense is key to recording.

Step #2: Review the Invoice 

Review the received invoice, checking for vendor identification like a proper name, authorization verified matching requirement and purchase totals payment for ensuring the validity.

Step #3: Taking Invoice approval 

The purchase must be approved by the AP department for all the validity and requirements. Preapproval is also available it depends on your policies.

Step #4: checking Records 

While the expense will record then ledger accounts need to be active when dealing with received bills and expense entries. the expense will be recorded in companies database.

Step #5: Make the payment on time 

All accounts payments should be processed before or due the date on a bill. with proper authorization and record and checking also.

This is one of the best practices as it simplifies your relationship with the vendor which prefers easy-to-get pay and easy-to-increase investment.

Why You Should Use Automate Accounts Payable? (Of Docextractor)

The more Automated and efficient the AP process the more return company will see in their investment, It improves the internal process. Let me talk about those biggest beneficial points which can clear your query.

1. Save money and time 

As you know from the previous Accounts payable process it takes lots of time and also it takes lots of money. Ap automation saves you money and time both from its incredible software.

2. Automate accounts payable makes invoice approvals easy

Ap automation solutions make errors detected and minimized those errors in a sec then they corrected them before submissions and those data are directly mailed to approvers’ inboxes so it gets easy to have invoice approvals.

3. Accounts Payable Automation improves accuracy in less work happy employee

Manual processes are inherently inefficient and prone to mistakes. When humans manually enter invoice details then data accuracy reliability becomes the biggest questionable element in the procedure,

If they are accrued or not and if they are accrued, how much accrue they?

Because most diligent AP specialist does mistakes in data entry and this manual data entry process always needs a double checking process for avoiding this confusing human error AP procedure should try an Ap automation solution as a blessing.

Less work pressure fewer problems happy employees isn’t a blessing? and not only that there are many more reasons you will read here

4. Accounts Payable Automation improves cash flow management 

While with the manual process, you may find yourself making late payments and making payment penalties. But AP automation solutions make accrue that you will never pay late, also you can pay in time to get discounts. It basically makes it easy to create monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly and it automatically sets in your system and simplifies and accurate the process of payment.

5. Improves security and protects against fraud 

Scams can cause your company embarrassment and money also you can lose your customer Automating your accounts payable process can minimize paperwork and it gives you deep insight into who authorized payments and what types of verifications they needed.

Also, suppliers can track invoices and payment status themselves. Therefore if fraud happens APautomations gives you a clear picture of who is responsible. 

6. Account Payable Automation enables remote work

Companies around the world rolled out mandatory remote work or work-from-home policies during the pandemic. Automation software helps your company maintain business continuity in a virtual environment by accompanying work from anywhere.

How does Accounts Payable Automation work?

The goal of converting paperwork into fully digital work is the creation of automation. It pushes invoices through a virtual workflow that helps suppliers To communicate and pay at the time.

Accounts Payable Software uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which digitally extracts the proper information from invoices. This automatic system manages to coat all routing of invoices through digital workflow. 

Here nowadays big industries have a scale with artificial intelligence in their finance department.

Industries like,

  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Foodservice
  • Manufacturing
  • Transporting 

We can see great use in those industries. 

Docextractor is already used in this Business, So, why you are waiting?

The new technology of today’s era has turned the table of industrial business. With less employee workflow and less time, these two most important solutions are now easily in the industry’s hands.


What does AP automation mean?

AP automation means Account payable automation. It’s process Account Payable process digitally.

Why is Ap Automation Important?

This automation system helps to lessen your manual workflow increase supplier trust and minimize error and saves time

What is the workflow in Account Payable?

It’s a complete end-to-end process of obtaining goods and services and processing payment for that transaction.


To sum up, Accounts Payable Automation is when you automate vendor invoicing tasks, resulting in a more budget-friendly, efficient, and secure. Accounts Payable Automation of Docextractor is commonly used for invoice processing, paperless document management, and payment reconciliation.

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