15 Use-Cases of IDP in Human Resources Professionals

IDP in Human Resources

In any company, the main responsibility of HR is recruiting a new member for the company and managing all Employees by providing a safe and healthy work environment. 

On the other hand, the HR department has to manage all the highly sensitive data of employees to update in their system and work with this. There is a lot of manual task need to do by HR which is very time-consuming.

As a respected and branded IDP solution company, Docextractor will give the best Automaton solution for manual Tasks. 

Intelligent Document Processing Software ingesting unstructured data which speeds up data processing manifold from employee onboarding, attendance, and leave tracking to payroll processing and expense management.

In this blog post, I am gonna show you the 15 Use cases of IDP in Human Resources and how it can be used to streamline various processes and improve overall performance.

15 Use-Cases of IDP in Human Resources 

1. Job Posting

With the help of RPA, Intelligent Document Processing Software uses AI and Machine Learning technology to extract the job requirement from the Excel files and automatically post the Job in the job search sites.

2. Candidate Resume Screening

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software, like Docextractor, helps the HR of the company to screen and analyze the main core skill, experience, and qualifications from the Candidate’s Resume who are applying for the Job. With the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, it automatically detects the best relevant Candidate’s Resume as per the job requirements. This Automation saves a lot of time and effort in manually screening resumes of the HR and also ensures that only the most relevant candidates are considered.

3. Candidate Interview Scheduling

When it comes to Bulk hiring in multiple positions, sometimes HR can be confused with Scheduling interviews for the Individual position. So, with the help of Intelligent document processing, you can automate the full process. IDP software help in interview scheduling by automating communication with candidates, integrating with recruiters’ calendars, and scheduling interviews efficiently. This Automation saves recruiters time and effort, ensures candidates are kept informed and engaged, and avoids conflicts with other appointments.

4. Employee Onboarding

Intelligent document processing can help with new hire document collection and processing, data verification, and automated employee onboarding by streamlining the overall process. Basically, you have to access the software of Log Registers, and then it checks the Onboarding Employee name, Category, Joining Date, Position, Department, etc. Then, it automatically creates new registration in the HR System. Then automatically access the control management system and give the user access to various departments, systems, etc. This automation helps HRs to e more efficient, reducing the time and effort required of HR staff.

5. Automating the Offer Letter Administration Process

IDP software performs automatic verification and cross-checking of regulations stored in various systems and databases. The AI and Machine Learning Technology ensure the candidate offer letters comply with regulations and are tailored to specific candidates. IDP software automatically collects the newly joined Information and prepares the offer letter, sends it, and monitors the accuracy of the return documents.

6. Meeting Scheduler

As per the data of the Excel Sheet, Intelligent document processing software help to schedule the Meeting by automatically identifying available meeting times, scheduling meetings, sending reminders, and integrating with calendars. Really, this Automation helps to avoid scheduling conflicts and reduce the time and effort of the Manual process.

7. Tasks Tracking

Intelligent document processing can assist in tracking tasks by collecting data on task completion and generating reports. Basically,    this software uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology to help to enable the employees to track their work progress, manage events in the built-in calendar, attach files, and share items with colleagues. Really, this automation saves time and effort in manually tracking tasks and helps ensure tasks are completed within time and budget.

8. Employee Off-boarding

Like Onboarding, IDP software also uses employee off-boarding by collecting employee documents, updating HR records, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Basically, this bot software receives the employee’s name, code, username, and password, then log in to the Employee Management System and blocks the access of the Employee to the company resources. After that, it notifies the system of the status of off-boarding and email admin staff to take further manual steps for completion.

9. Time and Attendance 

For the big organization, it needs to track the attendance of the employee and their task. But, for mass volume, it is very difficult to maintain. Here, Intelligent document processing software helps the company to track, and attendance time of the employee by automating, verifying data accuracy, and generating reports. It saves time and effort for HR personnel and ensures accurate data for further processing and optimization.

10. Employee Data Management

By integrating Intelligent document processing software into the system, you can fully automate the Employee Data Management Task. Basically, this software maintains the company policy and benefits data across multiple databases in numerous data formats. This software retrieves all data of the Existing and New Employees and, next, it processes it for performance evaluations. In this way, it saves a lot of saves time and effort for HR and ensures accurate and efficient employee data management for further better decision-making.

11. Salary Processing

With the Integration of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software in your Account Department, it extracts the employee name, ID, Salary amount, and Bank Details from the Employee Database and automates the payroll process. As an HR, you know the streamlining of the Employee Payroll process is very labor intensive due to an unscheduled workflow. By using this AI and ML-based software, you can automate this process. Moreover, this software has also detected discrepancies in payroll data that may indicate errors, and, ensured accurate payments and compliance with company and labor regulations. 

12. Tax on Salary Reporting

Tax Reporting in the Business and Company is a very crucial and important task for account departments. Sometimes, to calculate and reporting, some errors are faced. So, to smooth this process, as HR, you can use AI and ML technology. You can use Intelligent Document Processing Software to automate tax reporting using intelligent automation to eliminate errors and rework. This automation can save time and reduce errors associated with manual data entry. This Software Identifies tasks, components, and data process flows that can be automated. Build automation logic to validate output based on pre-defined functional criteria and data flow to improve turnaround time by 5x. Overall, IDP Software, like Docextractor, can automate and streamline the process of tax reporting.

13. Time and Expense Management

The Machine Learning and Artificial technology of the IDP software helps to improve time and expense management in a company by automating the process of capturing and processing time and expense data. This software automates the tracking of training credits and updates employee profiles accordingly using automation. This automation can save time, so, that, employees can focus on more strategic tasks and make it easy for employees to submit and track their time and expenses.

14. Employee Relations

HR sustain and made a strong relationship between the employee and the company. But, to maintain this, HR staff have faced many administrative burdens and many things. So, to resolve this issue, you can use IDP software. Intelligent document processing (IDP) Software helps to improve employee relations in a company by streamlining HR processes and reducing the administrative burden on HR staff. It Tracks employee grievance requests and sends notifications for a quick resolution.  The IDP can facilitate performance evaluations and training programs, ensuring that employees have access to the resources they need to succeed. It Initiates periodic surveys, checks for data completion, and generates reports for management to help them take further action.  

15. Performance  Benefits and Compensation 

IDP Software automatically reviews the performance rating form of an Employee which is initiated by the Manager, then it updates the employee profile and payroll inputs, and verifies time and attendance data. Then, it Calculates gross and net salary and performs online distribution of pay slips.

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