15 Use-Cases of IDP in Healthcare and Medical

Use-Cases of IDP in Healthcare

Are you a Medical Professional? Do you work in the Management of hospitals? So, you know In Healthcare Industry, Data is very case-sensitive which is need to be stored and used safely with privacy.

In a city government or Private Hospital and Medical Clinic, lots of patients come and go. There are a huge amount of data that is stored and protected by manual data entry, though, some hospital has diagnostics have multi-generational siled systems and facilities to do this task automatically, but not sufficient.

Imaginiorlabs Presents, Intelligent Document Processing Software Docextrcator provide end-to-end Data Automation to Hospital and Medical Clinic, So, that, it saves time and a lot of human power and also improves the accuracy of data.

In this blog post, I am gonna show you the 15 Use cases of IDP in Healthcare industry and how Intelligent Document Processing Automation is used in Healthcare.

15 Use-Cases of IDP in Healthcare industry

1. Settlement of Accounts

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Software actively helps to automate Account Settlement processing in Healthcare. By extracting the critical information from the Financial Documents, it automatically notifies the patient to complete the Bill amount and Accept the Payment, taking into account all Variables. This automation reduces the risk of error in calculating Billammounts, Payment Delay and also Speed up the account settlement process. This improves the accuracy of financial records and positively impacts patient care and financial performance.

2. Schedule a Patient appointment

In hospitals and Medical clinics, IDP software extracts the most urgent information from the appointment request form and email. From the file, with help of ML and AI, it analyzes and identifies the patient name, contact information, patient’s symptoms, or medical history, then generate a report Priority wise and sends it to a referral management representative to fix appointments This can streamline the appointment scheduling process and reduce the need for manual data entry, which can save time and reduce errors. In addition, customizing the Software also helps to Track the doctor’s schedule and notify patients when doctors are unavailable for their pre-scheduled appointments.

3. Paper to Digital Prescription 

Top IDP software, like Docexractor, uses their Machine Learning Algorithm to extract the Patient Name, Medication Details, Dosage Instruction, Date, or Any Special note from the paper Prescription and save the Data into the Hospital Digital System. It helps to identify the Potential drug interactions by cross-referencing the prescription with the patient’s medical history. And, automating the full process, alert the patient at the right time to take appropriate action to ensure patient safety.

4. Reimbursement of expenses

Intelligent document processing (IDP) can be used to automate the expense payment process in hospitals, and medical Clinics and speed up the payment processing.

If you working in the Hospital IT Management Department or the Head of the Department, you can Integrate the existing Software with IDP software like Doecxtractor, which is used to extract the relevant data, perform bulk payment posting & reconciliation, trigger responses, and also auto-send payment reminders to the Patients notify for  Reimburse amounts from insurance payers in the appropriate patient accounts in the billing system.

5. Staff Onboarding

The hospital has a lot of staff who are working daily day by day for curing humans. As we know, it is an emerging sector. A 1 minute Late can cause of losing human life. To smooth the process needs automation in Staff Onboarding. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can help speed up the hospital staff onboarding process by automating the capture and processing of staff documents and information. This Automation Speed up tasks related to potential new hires by 10x and automate processes such as previous employment status and ID verification.

6. Self-check-in process

Using Intelligent Document technology in the Hospital and Medical Clinic, the self-check-in process has become more smooth. It reduces the effort by 50%, doubles the turnaround time, and improves data quality. A patient can scan and upload an ID card or any other documents using their Mobile Phone and making the check-in process more faster and convenient.

7. High-Speed Rapid Patient registration

IDP can assist hospitals and Medical clinics with high-speed patient registration, rapidly by automating the capture and processing of patient information such as insurance forms and identification documents. This Automation Software Automatically Checks the registration status of patients in the existing database and registers new patients. On the hand, if it needs to know details of existing patients, it automatically Extracts patient history and information of already registered patients. This can help reduce the time required to register patients, reduce errors and improve the overall efficiency of the rapid registration process.

8. Medicaid for newborns

Intelligent document processing (IDP) can help hospitals with Medicaid enrollment for newborns. This technology helps in researching, verifying, and changing the newborn’s insurance ID to state-based Medicaid to ensure complete care and leave no gaps. It automates document collection and processing. It also ensures that parents do not face a heavy financial commitment for services and that they, as well as their newborn, receive all of the covered Medicaid benefits. Overall, This helps reduce manual errors and saves time, allowing employees to focus on other important tasks.

9. Record Audit Procedures

IDP software smooths and speed up the auditing of the record procedures in hospitals and Medical clinics. With the combination of IDP technology and RPA bots, it does Damage Assessment and Pre-assessment. It provides real-time Q&A support to customers support and Enhances loss analysis to address future claim remediation seamlessly. In fact, in Peak Hours and requests, the software executes the high volume task smoothly. After that, it Converts the unstructured data into structured and usable cross-functional data formats at a Low operation cost by Eliminating repetitive data entry tasks.

10. Billing Management in Emergency Department 

By automatically extracting data from ED billing documents, Intelligent document processing (IDP) can help hospitals manage emergency department (ED) billing more efficiently and accurately.  It extracts the data from unorganized Billing documents and then creates a spreadsheet of billing codes for nursing assessments in the emergency department. Enter Each Assessment in an extracted batch and post it automitcally, every night. It also includes a Timestamp of the spreadsheet for validation and next ensures accurate billing by posting patient charges daily.

11. Claims Management

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for hospital claims processing, start by identifying the types of documents that need to be processed. This software extracts relevant data from those documents and automatically handles increasing call volume and continuous changes in healthcare claims policy. This software Identifies compliance-related exceptions and eliminates non-compliance with regulations. This process expedites claims processing through real-time tracking and auditing payments.

12. Customer satisfaction

Intelligent document processing (IDP) can improve customer satisfaction in hospitals by reducing processing time for claims and other documents, reducing errors, and allowing staff to focus on more high-value tasks. The Software is integrated with all information such as Scheduling Appointments, and inventory tracking. Automating these processes, Reduces patient wait times for appointments and provides easy access to their health records and bills online to improve customer satisfaction scores. And, Overall, hospitals can ensure that patients receive prompt and accurate care, leading to higher satisfaction levels. 

13. Discharge instructions

Intelligent document processing (IDP) can streamline hospital discharge instructions by automatically extracting and processing information from medical records. The IDP software has to integrate with the hospital patient database, and then, it ensures the accuracy of hospital discharge guidelines and sends reminders to patients about prescriptions and Medicine pick-up. This process improves the overall patient experience and delivers a better solution.

14. Remotely Treatment planning

In this busy daily life, if a Patient can not able for getting an appointment in a walk-in Appointment Setting. It needs remote automation. This software helps to Automate the scheduling of patient requests for appointments through video consultation. So that, it can be available 24×7 for Appointment Booking services for patients.

15. Treatment cycle management

Intelligent document processing (IDP) software Collect past patient details, diagnoses, and treatment data from the hospital database. It Extracts and analyzes the data to understand which treatment plans work best for patients and also checks which diseases are diagnosed most often, and which drugs have worked for patients.

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