Invoice Data Extraction using OCR and IDP


Data extraction is one of the most essential segments of the digital age, where data mining is required in every step. It is very difficult and time taking to extract exact data from several files or documents. In that case, a sufficient and accurate software or tool can work in a better way. It includes several benefits which eventually lead the company to better profitability and success. Here, we are discussing two tools that are sued for invoice data extraction. Both of these tools can extract data from several invoices in a few minutes. OCR and IDP are two software-based methods that are used to extract data from different files and documents. Both of them have their characteristics and benefits. IDP works as an advanced filtration method of OCR. Recently, both of them are used specific objectives like invoice data extraction.


INVOICE Data Extraction

Automated software is becoming the backbone of modern technologies and business systems. Nowadays, sharing files, payment receipts, documents, etc. has become easier using digital formats such as by making PDFs, documents, or through excel-based invoice templates. In earlier businesses, sharing and receiving paperwork or files exchange takes place but now it has become technical. The exchange occurs through scanned images or PDF documents. Besides, data extraction is all about extracting data from PDF files, invoices, etc., and extracting small details in them. It requires intelligent document processing in modern times.

Extracting all the data manually from the PDF or scanned images takes time. To minimize the paperwork loads, automated data extraction techniques such as data extraction using OCR, and data extraction using IDP can help. An organization enhances their accounting processes by using a PDF to word text converter tool, such asDocextractor. The process works automatically in a cycle system. Data extraction is one of the most used techniques and it isn’t an easy task to do. The process takes multiple days to extract specific images from pdfs.


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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR is one of the techniques in data extraction. The data extraction using OCR works in an automatic process. This technique is meant to be highly important in business, banks, etc. where data entry works are necessary. It is capable of extracting scanned images or PDF documents into text-based readable files from multiple sources. Nowadays, companies or organizations use digital formats to share payment receipts, contracts, documents, invoices, etc. Doing the tasks manually consumes lots of time which falls under the category of data entry. Instead of working manually, it can be done automatically by using OCR.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is also known as a “scanned image PDF to word text converter”. It has faster onset working progress. ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is the advanced version of OCR, it can detect as well as identify handwritten characters once at a time.


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Data Extraction using OCR

Extracting data from PDF documents efficiently and quickly is termed Data extraction using OCR. It can also scan converted to pdf. It is one of the most prominent technical systems but not advanced. That requires a pre-processing method such as the PDF files need to be arranged by maintaining a sequence. No noise background, texts should be visible to the eyes, and be sure the material is not damaged. After clearing these facts, the document can be processed in the system. Data extraction using OCR faces difficulty in processing the low-quality files, images, and finds difficulty in the case of handwritten characters. Though OCR does not give accurate results all the time.



Methods of OCR Processing 

Detection of text:

It works by analyzing and recognizing the tables, paragraphs, columns, and other forms in the image. This system works by detecting the entire files including characters.


Recognition of text:

It works by collecting, describing, and identifying the written words and texts in a bounded box.


Extraction of Info :

It works by extracting files or data from a particular region by searching.


Significance of OCR

  • Automatic process:

OCR works automatically, which helps in reducing manual efforts. OCR processes the data from the scanned images or PDF files automatically (invoices, passport, ID card, etc.). Then it reads the data and extracts them easily in seconds. As it is an automatic process, it works faster, whereas doing the task manually takes multiple days. Docextractor provides the same algorithm in extracting files by using OCR.


  • Less time consumption:

Working manually use to consume a lot of time, it would take multiple days. Whereas OCR does the task in seconds. By using OCR, the required files can be searched easily. The extracted files can be edited and corrections are made accordingly. As time is the key to success, it is necessary to work and complete the tasks within time. In that case, OCR is giving you the possibility of efficient time utilization. Doing the task manually wastes maximum time where it can be utilized in some other fields. Docextractor also covers up the similar problem in less time by using OCR.


  • Increases productivity:

As OCR is working as an automated technology, it makes the tasks done more efficiently by making fewer errors and makes it done by consuming less time. Accounting the data manually consumes more time as well as shows effects on productivity. OCR takes less time to extract all the data which also shows constructive effects on productivity. The use of OCR, helps the company to work in a well-organized way, to save time, and to increase accuracy. Equally, Doxextractor also increases the sustainability and growth of the company.


  • Shows less error:

Companies and other working associations generate thousands of documents each day. Working with a bundle of documents isn’t easy and there will be errors. In earlier times, advanced technology wasn’t available to get the facility. Reading and setting files manually can show lots of errors whereas by using OCR there are fewer chances of error which also saves time. As Docextractor also extracts files by using OCR, there are also fewer chances of any error.

  • Cost reduction:

The company does not need to put extra labor into data extraction. OCR works through an automatic system. Now, the company does not need the put extra labor or an entire team of data entry workers to work in. The company does not need to invest money in that. Ultimately, the company saves the extra payments and major cost reduction takes place.


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Intelligent Data Processing (IDP)

IDP is the technique that manages the complexity of the document which means finding out the hidden information from a big data file PDF. It also functions by extracting the data from complex layouts, multiple languages, contextual relationships, and noisy backgrounds. It works on intelligent document processing technology. The system makes the work manageable and easier than that of doing manual data entry work. Unlike OCR, IDP can be able to manage the complexity and variation of the document by machine learning and other processing. It helps humans access and extracts unstructured data. IDP is useful for extracting heavy or big documents. AI (Artificial Intelligence)Data extraction using IDP is done through AI (Artificial Intelligence).



Data Extraction using IDP

Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) can help in reducing errors by catching the data and recovering it. It is now an advanced technology than OCR which can extract text from pdfs in a more efficient manner. It provides faster onset of work. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), it led IDP to greater improvement. IDP manages to extract structured files from unstructured and semi-structured documents.

It uses artificial technologies which include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning (ML). Those are usable in classifying, categorizing, extracting relevant information, and validating the extracted data. Besides, it works accurately, consumes less amount of time. It increases productivity as well. The processing cycle of IDP is still improving and achieving the target of working in less time with sufficient improvements. The improvement level of IDP helped in cost reduction. Now, the increased system shows high quality, faster onset, less time consumption, and increased productivity.



Benefits of using IDP

  • It minimizes the paper-intensive workloads as it has transformed into an automated digital entity.
  • IDP offers both the pre-processing and post-processing features to improve accuracy.


Significance of IDP

  • Advanced tech:

IDP can extract data from complex files whereas OCR cannot. It extracts data from foreign languages, unstructured data, and handwritten files well. In that case, OCR is unable to do. So, we can say IDP is more advanced than OCR. The improved system from artificial intelligence (AI) reduced the workloads and provided sufficient quality and efficiency. It minimizes the paper-intensive workloads as it has transformed into an automated digital entity. It is helping the company to grow faster as there is no time consumption on simple data entry and data mining works. In IDP, it extracts specific data whereas OCR extracts every single field. Docextractor works with the entire advanced system of IDP by following the same algorithm.


  • Accuracy:

IDP offers both the pre-processing and post-processing features to improve accuracy. It uses artificial intelligence technologies which include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning (ML). These can classify, categorize and extract relevant information. In that case, IDP provides the most accurate result in the case of data extraction using IDP. Docextractor follows the same process and provides the extracted data according to exact requirements.


  • Time consumption:

It processes the tasks quickly. Due to the improved technology, the system works more efficiently and takes less time. Manual works take a lot of time-consuming. It is better to spend time on something useful than that waste time in accounting the data. IDP is total works through an automated system. As it consists of more advanced techs it works faster than OCR. Docextractor also does the entire task such as extracting images from pdfs, in less time.



  • IDP with Docextractor:

Docextractor is the business tool that helps in reducing the manual efforts and by extracting the relevant data from the documents in a shorter period than can be invoices, passports, or others, by using IDP (Intelligent Data Processing).

Both OCR and IDP are used by several industries and professionals. Those can easily do the task, which can take months through manual method. Invoice data extraction becomes easier with these pdf to word text converter tools. Docextractor.com is the place, to get results easily by using OCR and IDP. In the end, you will bet your desired results in your chosen format. Explore the broad scope of new technology and information system.


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