Benefits of Automated Loan Document Processing using Docextractor

Loan Document

Banks and other organizations receive piles of documents every day. Extracting every single loan document from a huge bundle is difficult and time taking. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) has introduced automated tools, which help in extracting data. The tools work automatically and provide faster onset of work. It leads to increased productivity. Manual data extraction consumes time and even consumes multiple days. Loan documents consist of essential data such as financial background, income sources, etc. Automated document processing minimizes error and prevents downtime. It extracts the information securely and eliminates huge costs by improving accuracy. Docextractor is one of the best data extracting tools in the market. It has excellent features and programming, which helps to convert scanned pdf to editable words.


Data Extraction of Loan Documents

Banks and other organizations receive multiple documents. The documents are essential to extract and keep in a separate database. It undergoes a long process. Nowadays, a huge number of documents such as invoices, contracts, files, etc. come via scanned images or pdf. The scanned images or pdf converts into a text-based readable file. It is called Data Extraction. For example loan documents.


There are a huge number of applicants who come for loan approval every day. The loan documents deal with sensitive information as well as official ones. The user collects every detail securely using digital formats such as pdf. So, the system needs to extract every single piece of information or data, to include in the list of records. With the help of data extraction methods, it extracts the loan documents from the digital formats into readable text. Also, it adds the information into the system. Today, data extraction of loan documents is easy and fast; as manual efforts are no longer required.



Best way of data extraction from loan document using OCR


Why Docextractor is the best data extraction tool ?

Data extraction processes require specific software to extract data. The software works by extracting data or texts automatically from the pdf or scanned images. Besides, it extracts every data efficiently in less amount of time. As the system runs digitally, it maintains highly encrypted cyber-security. One of those software or information systems is Docextractor.


Docextractor is one of the best digital software used for data extraction. It can extract a huge bundle of documents within seconds. Extracting data manually is difficult. It would take a couple of days to process the files. Besides, it shows errors as well. Docextractor provides higher efficiency and accuracy. Docextractor prevents errors and provides faster onset of work. Those automated features of data extraction have helped many businesses to increase their productivity.


Services provided by Docextractor

Docextractor provides data extraction services to start-ups, banks, individuals, and other organizations of Europe. The parental company of Docextractor is an imaginary lab. It was established in 2018. As a product, Docextractor provides different data extraction services with different result formats. So, every report will be made according to the client’s desired format. Starting from loan documents to invoices, all the files can be extracted by this online tool. Their service also includes certain features and facilities. Besides, these enhance the service in terms of utility and experience.


Tools used by Docextractor

Data extraction is impossible without using the specific tools that initiate extraction. The tools mainly process the invoices and extract the required information. The tools process the system automatically. It does not require manual labour. Manually, it is difficult to extract data. It is time-consuming and shows errors. Docextractor with the help of the tools provides faster onset of work with better quality and productivity. Eventually, Docextractor needs the specific tools to extract data. The following tools are, OCR and IDP.


Docextractor using OCR

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the tool that extracts data. It works in an automatic process. It has replaced manual tasks. OCR extracts data from a jpg to a text file. Docextractor uses this tool in extracting loan documents and also others. Loan documents consist of essential documents such as income sources, financial backgrounds, etc. Besides, extracting these documents manually is risky, as it covers a long period. Docextractor using OCR helps the user to extract data from loan documents in a sufficient amount of time. It also helps the user by making the files easily searchable. Following the systematic process, there is no risk of losing any essential document or being misplaced. It reduces errors and prevents downtime. So, there are no delays and provide higher productivity.



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Docextractor using IDP

IDP or Intelligent Data Processing is the tool that extracts data including complex characters such as signatures, phone numbers etc. It is the advanced version of OCR. IDP is an automatic tool. IDP is also known as Intelligent Document Processing. Docextractor using IDP can be able to read and recognize unstructured formats and characters in loan documents automatically. Besides, it works faster with better accuracy and produces higher efficiency. Docextractor using IDP can auto-classify, auto-categorize, and auto-crop the information in loan documents. It can make the required data easily searchable as well.


Docextractor using IDP can extract heavy documents such as loan documents easily. It does not require manual efforts. It consumes less time and produces higher productivity. Loan documents need to be extracted securely. IDP or Intelligent Document Processing is updated with a highly developed cloud-based security to secure the information from cyber threats.


Benefits of automated loan document processing using Docextractor


Better Time Management

By combining with OCR and IDP, Docextractor extracts data in fewer seconds from a pdf. OCR and IDP are AI technologies. Docextractor is automatic or documents digitalization software. Even, it can extract heavy pdf such as loan documents in a sufficient amount of time. Manually extracting loan documents is difficult and time taking. Besides, manually processing the loan document causes errors and delays. The error takes multiple days to make corrections. In the case of processing it using Docextractor takes no longer time to correct. It provides faster onset of work with better accuracy and higher efficiency. Docextractor using OCR and IDP provides the customer with a better time management space.

Loan Document


Processing the data entry tasks manually produces poor efficiency and low productivity. Data extraction using Docextractor works automatically. It does not require manual labor. Processing the loan documents digitally produces no error, and prevents downtime. Manually, dealing with a bundle of paperwork consumes time and has the chance of making human errors. Loan documents deal with sensitive information where errors may cause a big issue. Docextractor extracts data rapidly from loan documents with better quality. It produces high productivity which eventually leads to better efficiency. So, Docextractor using OCR and IDP has developed excellent features for the users in case of loan data to get a quality document extraction.



There is much software available in the market. All the system works similarly. In comparison, Docextractor has different working progress. It is capable of document extraction with better accuracy, shows higher efficiency causes no errors, and serves the system with strong security functions. Docextractor provides a specific feature that allows the user to extract loan documents easily and securely. Besides, Docextractor makes the required loan document easily searchable. Auto-correction, auto-cropping, and auto-editing are made automatically. So, no manual effort is required. The algorithm of automated loan document extraction using Docextractor raises productivity and security much better than ever.


Strong Server

There are lots of advantages of using digital technologies in extracting loan documents. The entire system is connected to software that controls all the computers to work efficiently. Due to online processing, the server stays strong, it does not cause downtime. So, the work continues without facing stoppage. So, Docextractor using OCR and IDP provides the same facility. It utilizes the advantage and provides the users with a better experience of data extraction from loan documents.


Manually processing the loan documents into the system takes time. It also leads to delaying work. There are reasons for providing poor efficiency results manually such as downtime is one of them. The system fails and the work falls, which causes repetition of work. In the case of processing loan documents manually, it causes difficulties. In comparison, the Docextractor with the help of tools provides continuity of work, restoring and backup options are also included. Docextractor makes the loan document extraction comfortable and compatible.

Automated System

Automated data extraction made the system easier and faster. It extracts data securely from loan documents without further delays. As it is an automatic process, it does not produce inaccuracy. Data extraction using Docextractor follows the same process in extracting loan documents. Also, the automatic process helps in extracting loan documents faster. It has replaced human labour and helped the system work efficiently as possible. As the system works faster, loan documents do not require to stay for a long time on others hands. Document digitalization helps organizations to grow their products in less period. Due to automatic extraction using Docextractor helps the users to document extraction without facing any complications.



Loan documents contain many essential data such as personal information. Manually, it has the chance of being leaked and misplaced. Besides, it is risky to process the loan documents manually. Besides, if any document is lost and falls into unknown hands, it can be misused. So, the digital age has brought few newly advanced technologies to deal with. The system has updated a cloud-based security system.


It is highly developed and has strongly encrypted security coding. It is impossible to crack or break the security structure, if so there are back-ups to secure information. Mainly, the security system has a specific program to keep the information away from hackers. To prevent hackers to get into the system, such a highly encrypted and strong security system is essential. Besides, Docextractor has system policies like security. It ensures to keep every personal data extracted away from threatening. Docextractor using OCR and IDP goes after the same security system that prevents the data to fall into threats.

Loan Document

Resource Management

Document digitalization has made the system more compatible and easy to handle. The system is controlled digitally. The user controls the system automatically using the online process. Managing the resources such as servers, back-ups, speed etc. have become easier due to the digitalization of data extraction. The system works continuously without any effort and stoppage. So, extracting loan documents by resource management system has become easy to handle. There are no risk data to wrong hands. Besides, Docextractor follows all the regulations and provides a quality sample to the users. Docextractor especially manages to extract loan documents easily.


The resource management is poor in manual works. It consumes time as well as effort. It does not provide backup updates and stores data automatically. When there is trouble, the work stops and it does not have the facility to restore the data. By using Docextractor, the user experiences a smooth data extraction with improved quality.


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Support System

Docextractor works with a technical team. When a customer faces a query, confusion or problem with loan documents; a technical team is always ready to answer. Also, it has the facility to talk directly with the customer through SMS and call regarding their problem. Docextractor provides higher efficiency of work. If a customer still faces any technical problem; a team will be there to sort it out. Docextractor provides unique features which other software fails to provide. It provides an entire support team to sort out customers’ problems. They deliver the best to fulfil customer requirements.


Extracting loan documents manually is difficult. After introducing tools such as OCR and IDP as well as informative systems such as Docextractor, data extraction has become easier. This system of automated data extraction results in good quality of work. It reduces the workloads as well. So, loan document extraction is now easier: No risks, errors, and delays are required. Docextractor provides unique features for the users to enjoy a better experience. Docextractor provides the extracted data in different templates according to the customer’s requirement. It does not allow pending works. It extracts documents faster on time. Docextractor also provides technical service to customers during troubles.


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