How to extract data from scanned documents and images?

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As the new Generation world has evolved from paper to digital documents for convenience, so, there are one of the major problems is happening for most of the Business. It is  Extract Data From Scanned Documents (Scanned Documents which are in Paper Version) and saving it in Digital Format.

How to solve this issue?

To Capture the Data and Extract Data from Scanned Documents and also save them in Digital Format, there are some Powerful Document Data Extraction services (Google, Microsoft, Docextractor, etc) that have been created Technology with the help of AI, ML, and NLP.
So, if you are looking to extract data from scanned documents? Try Docextrator. And, now, let’s dive into this topic deeply to know more about Extract Data From Scanned Documents.

What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction is the process or act of retrieving and Converting unorganized Data from the source for further data processing or storage. Some common types and examples of Data Extraction are Data Extraction from Images, PDFs, Bill Recipe copy, and many more.

Text Data Extraction from Scanned Documents (PDF/Images) with OCR

The Full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition. Typically, OCR technology is used to scan any type of document theater it is an Image Text Document or anything. With the help of an AI algorithm, the Platform identifies any part of the Document which can be a Number, Alphabet, or Letter, and then OCR Extractor converts this image to text in the document or extracts this text. OCR Extractor is an essential part of technology across multiple domains and applications.

Why use an OCR extractor?

Basically, if you do not use OCR Extractor, you need to scan all documents and then copy the text manually. If your data is available in PDF format, you need to copy the same data to an Excel sheet before analyzing it and then you need to copy this. This Process, I mean, Manual Data Entry is very Time Consuming and also prone to all kinds of Errors. For Solving this Issue, OCR Extractor is a one-stop solution to all these problems. A Powerful OCR Extractor can extract all the Data in some second with minimal Error.

Difficulties in Extracting Data From Scanned Documents &Images File

There are several factors that make Extract Data from Scanned documents and image Difficult;

 Extracting Data from the table of the Documents is Difficult. Because Tables are basically just ‘blocks of text’ and software is needed to identify rows and cells in tables
 Scanned documents and images do not contain text that can only be ‘selected’ with a cursor.
 Extracting Data from Tables is more difficult when data tables are spread across multiple images and pages in a document, or when tabular data is not in a common row-column format.
 Moreover, When Images are not clearly visible, OCR Software recognizes that there is something Data but, it can’t read it correctly. That time, if you are thinking of manually copying and pasting the data, you can’t do it Because there is a huge amount of data where you have to work manually.

How To Accurately Extract Data From Scanned Documents?

Basically, there are two simple processes for Extract Data from Documents;

  • Manual Data Extraction
  • Automatic Data Extraction( with Docextrator)
    Manual Data Extraction: Manual Data Extraction is reading data from a document and then saving this Data into another format which is done by a Human, called Data Entry Operator.
    The problem in Manual Data Entry:

 It is time-consuming and prone to Mistakes.
 Need to Hire extra Human which is expensive for the Business.
 There is no real-time data tracking.

Automatic data extraction: Automatic Data Extraction is the most powerful, efficient, and Modern way to extract data from Documents with the help of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Technology. Docextractor is the Example of Automatic Data Extraction, This Software Extracts Data from Documents with AI and ML. It is the Greta Solution to copy and Transform Data to a different format like Excel Sheet or CSV.

Advantages to automating the data extraction process:

 It is Faster, easier, and more efficient.
 Real-time data tracking.
 It saves Manual effort, Time, and Money.
 Very Less Error.
 Real-time data tracking.

What Is The Best Option To Convert Scanned Images (JPG, PNG,) To Excel?

So the best method For Data extraction is an Automatic Data Extraction tool like Docextractor. It saves time, and money and very less to prone Error. Most Software is good for reading plain text and extracting them into other formats. This is a very easy task. But, the real problem is, that it becomes more difficult when you need to convert a scanned document or an image into an Excel sheet. An Excel sheet is used to store mathematical and tabular data in a structured and organized way. In this case, some software can not read data properly and it fully reversed it which can ruin the Business.

How Docextractor Extract Data From Scanned Documents?

When it is time to Extract Data from scanned documents or images and convert it into another Format, The No.1 Data Extraction Software that comes to my mind is Docextractor. It also converts scanned images like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF to Excel.

Docextrator is the AI-based software that provides a number of features such as;

 It converts and extracts Data from transaction-related business documents such as invoices, PDFs,  etc.
 It supports the various formats of the file and is able to save Data in Various Formats.
 It has the feature of Customization.
Docextractor also can be integrated with other service-based products and can convert files to almost any desired format.

Basically, there are 3 easy steps to Extract Data from scanned Documents or images and save it to Excel with the help of Docextractor;

  1. First Create an Account and Sign in to the Docextractor to upload a file.
  2. Create your own rule, so, that Docextactor can decide what and How to Extract Data from the file.
  3. After the Extracting Process is Complete, the Docextractor Show the Preview of the Copied and Converted Data. And, then, you need to save it. That’s it.


To sum up, small Businesses need an OCR extractor to overcome the huge Data Extraction process and retrieve data faster with very less error. Docextractor OCR Scanner is the
Best Tool in the Market to Extract Data from scanned documents and Images file.
Now, I’d like to know from you:
In which type of file do you need to extract data?
Let me know in the comment Right Now.


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