How to Data Extraction from Purchase Order Bills using OCR and IDP?

data extraction from purchase order bill document

Data extraction from purchase order bills is also possible using OCR and IDP. Manually billing purchase orders are time taking. Not only that, but there are also chances of mistakes. Digitalization of billings orders has improved the accuracy of the entire PO system. It also helped in the digital delivery of orders. In the case of manual implementation, the accuracy of the output decreases. Due to this the efficiency of the work gets down with productivity.

A company receives multiple documents associated with invoices, purchase orders, etc. It is the consistent focus of the technology. The technology only focuses on improvement to reduce the manual workflow. After introducing the data extraction tools such as OCR and IDP, data extraction is a piece of cake. The following optimization that leads to the digitalization of documents is lower cost, reduction in errors, and faster onset of work. So, in this blog, we will discuss ‘How to data extraction from purchase order bills using OCR and IDP?’


What is Data Extraction from Purchase Order Bills?

A purchase order bill is the billing that we receive after purchase. Mainly, it indicates the digital billings issued by a vendor for its delivery. It is the process of connection of purchase orders issued by a client. It enters the items, quantity, and price automatically. The automation of PO bills ensures many features. It also delivers timely vendor payment, correct accounting, and easy detection of fraudulent practices.


Types of Purchase Order Matching

There are two types of purchase order matching. The types differ in several features. They are:

Manual PO Matching

Manual PO Matching consists of several steps. It includes billing receipts, capturing the bills, verifying the order, matching the codes, and various resolutions based on parameters. Manual processing of PO bills is complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive process. In high-scaled business activity, its performance results in poor productivity. After the digitization, the process runs through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applicants. It requires a significant amount of human labor. It requires only receiving and raising the invoice and also entering them into the system.

In this case, the ERP system requires human labor only for:

  • Opening and scanning the invoice or bills comes through the mail.
  • Retrieving Invoices.
  • Transferring the information from PO to the computer.
  • Matching the items with purchase orders.
  • Matching the delivery receipt.
  • Searching for duplicate receipts.
  • Matching the invoices with the payments.

Automated account processing and PO Matching

The automated PO matching runs through the RPA system. The RPA system makes the billing procedure works frequently. It consists of AI technologies. Mainly, it is also based on human judgment and behavior to read and recognize PO’s, invoices, receipts, etc. Accordingly, it is a Machine Learning technique. Machine Learning (ML) is the subset of AI that works through neural networks. The concept of the neural network is conceptually taken from human neurons. Every algorithm of AI technologies including OCR and IDP belongs to the concept of deep learning and machine learning.


Automated PO Matching

Automated PO matching is done in various steps. In the case of the automation process, there are two types of automation.

Data Extraction from Purchase Order Bills using OCR

Data extraction from purchase order bills in OCR consists of hardware and software. The hardware captures the image and the software converts the images into text. Mainly, it extract images from pdfs and also extract texts from pdfs. There are also minor things in OCR that process through the accounting team manually. It works by digitalizing the data with a subsequent manual operation. It also works by making a pdf searchable. Furthermore, the OCR system works with few features. It has limitations; fails to work with different templates, files types, and layouts. It also consists of human interventions to set template rules for different types of documents.

Data Extraction from Purchase Order Bills using IDP

IDP or Intelligent Document Processing also consists of hardware and software. In the case of data extraction from purchase order bills in IDP, the hardware works by capturing the image. The software extract the images from pdf and extract texts from pdfs. It is the better version of OCR. OCR has limitations. IDP or Intelligent Document Processing also fulfills the space where OCR lacks. It can easily read and recognize different templates, files type, and layouts.

Both, IDP and OCR can extract data from various sources. It can also deliver a poor quality sample, if not passed through the pre-processing algorithms. In the case, of collection and checking, it requires human labor. Instead, the entire process runs automatically.

data extraction from purchase order bill document


Advantages of Data Extraction from Purchase Order Bills 

  • Touchless Processing of Data Extraction from Purchase Order

The document arrives such as invoices, purchase order, receipt, etc. in electronic process. Due to the automation of work, it is termed touchless processing. It has minimized human intervention, removed the paper-centric work, and produces better delivery of work. The arrival of these technologies in different businesses has to led to better outcomes. The system follows the RPA system. That indicates that the documents arrive, digitized, route, match, approves, and are processed without the need for manual revising of paperwork. In that case, Docextractor completely follows the entire processing of electronic automated process. It delivers both the users and customers a better facility to experience the best and most compatible data extraction.


  • Smartest Matching

The system is upgraded with smart technologies. The technologies are capable of recognizing the PO number from the PO. It reads the invoice, places the line shipment and PO receipt. After that, the receipt is sorted into various forms within a few seconds. The technology does not require human labor to proceed with the documents. Similarly, Docextractor includes many AI technologies that provide easy extraction of PO receipt, documents, etc.


  • Easy handling of multiple invoices

When multiple invoices arrive, it processes frequently through the RPA system. Human labor is not predictable in the entire process of automated data extraction. Manually, corrections and validation require time and also deliver poor outputs. Automated data extraction handles multiple documents easily and extracts them within seconds. Similarly, Docextractor has the ease of handling multiple invoices.


  • Error Minimization using Data Extraction from Purchase order

At a certain time, the human brain fails to work. Due to repetitive work, the quality of the documents decreases and produces errors. In comparison to AI technologies, an improvement in the performance of the system gradually goes on. It has also shown a great improvement in time efficiency. Automated data extraction software can easily eliminate errors and produces higher productivity of work. The software consists of typical coding that allows the system to safeguard the information. It also identifies small issues and problems. While finding a conflict, it alerts or signals the IT team automatically to lock and safeguard the system. Data extraction software such as Docextractor delivers an error-free output and also prefers some pre-processing methods to increase the quality of the output.


  • The Data Security and Scalability of Data Extraction from Purchase Order

The system is entirely automatic and consists of personal information. As there is personal information, it provides data security as well. The system is entirely encrypted with a cloud-based security system. It helps the system to safeguards the data. Docextractor enables the best security system for the customer to experience a safe extraction. Docextractor also provides high encrypted data security. It is based on a cloud security system to keep unknown sources or hackers away from the system.


  • Audit Readiness

There are most common audits such as POs, GRNs, and invoices. Mainly, the PO matching already has the system approved, matched, and organized which helps in seamless data extraction.


Benefits of Data Extraction from Purchase Order 

There are several benefits of purchase order automation. It is applicable both in the case of users and customers. They are:

  • In the case of the user, it reduces the extreme efforts for validation. The user does not need to work manually for the validation of the document. The automation and efficiency of work result in reducing the processing cost. The productivity of the company rises due to automated technologies. In the case of manual data entry, it covers high expenses and also produces errors. The production of manual data entry work results in poor outcomes. By following the RPA system, the software is capable of extracting thousands of documents each day. Handling the huge document each day results in higher outcomes. Data extraction of bundles documents covers many days to result in outcomes. In comparison, AI technologies provide good efficiency of work accurately. Even if, Docextractor is also capable of extracting error-free and highly organized documents.
  • The case of automated data extraction improves the collaboration and relationship between the user and the client. It organizes the PO matching and invoice standardization by maintaining a font, layout, etc. It also makes the payment system easier and faster digitally. Docextractor has all the capabilities of extracting well-arranged documents within seconds.


Implementation of AI-enabled PO Matching System

The PO matching and AI system help many company executives to process the efficiency of workflow. It helps the company by various levels such as:

  1. Finance Executive

Due to the automation of PO matching, it follows a huge cost reduction. Not only that, but it also provides free resources that can be arranged to enhance the bottom line. It also plays a vital role in increasing strategic and corporate growth. In the case of the Docextractor, the entire processing is cheap, believes in providing quality of work.

  1. Account Managing

The accounts payable team eliminates paper invoices and uses pre-defined accounting rules. But Manual interaction is also required. It is required only during the time of streamlined routing, coding, and matching supplier invoices, etc. Docextractor is a platform that consists of different team holders. It also provides a separate accounts team behind for accounting purposes.

  1. Corporate Executive

This part uses automated software to measure, monitor, and have a better understanding of cash flow by analysis of the dashboard data. Similarly, Docextractor also provides such measurements and analysis of cash flow to avoid counting mistakes.

  1. Accountants and research

This part keeps the complete details of the accounts system and provides instant access to the purchase orders and invoices.

data extraction from purchase order bill document

The setting of the PO-enabled Matching System

The steps that must be taken during the processing of the automated accounting process are as follows:

  • Sending Analysis

It falls under the category of smart workflows. This part of the software looks into the matter of invoice visibility and also into invoice failure analytics.

  • Touchless Invoicing

a touch less Invoicing provides auto-posting of invoices. It is AI-based technology. It allows integration across the system.

  • Validate Approval Workflow

It provides business validation rules with the workflow in approval and exceptions. It also consists of a 2-way and 3-way matching system.

  • Digitalize Invoicing of data extraction from Purchase Orders

It is the central repository of invoices that consists of digital coding invoices. It is also worked by receiving the vendor invoices.


Why Choose Docextractor?

Docextractor is the software that captures data from various documents. Mainly, it works by reading unstructured documents and converting them to a structured form. The documents especially Docextractor deals with are ID Card, Purchase Order, Mortgage Documents, Income Proofs, etc.

It is capable of extracting documents from various sources. The software works by importing the documents from the user platform. Then, directly export the data to the existing workflow. The entire algorithm does not disrupt the entire process. Docextractor is capable of reading the different documents and also extracting data from them. It also works by making a pdf searchable. The language binding that connects Docextractor is in Shell, Golang, Ruby, C#, Java, and Python. The Automated technology improves the system with use and requirements. By following the web interface, it reduces manual processes. It automates documents, invoices, and receipt reviews.


Docextractor extracts data easily saves time, saves cost, increases quality, and productivity.  There are different types of purchase orders. There are different ways of extracting them. OCR and IDP are the tools that lead to easy data extraction from the purchase order bills. With the use of the smartest technology, purchase order data extraction is only possible. It reduces the troubles of handling the account documents manually. Not only that, there are many more features that Docextractor provides. So, if you’re not aware of the data extraction tools and software follow the article.

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