How to Convert PDFs to Google Sheets Easily?


Change with the flow of time is the mantra of success. If you do not change your working pedagogy according to time, then maybe you will still be the best but not the fastest. And we all know in this everyday digitally revolutionizing Era, speed is a must.

In this blog, let me introduce you to the new way of getting the most out of documents, it’s the automation of document extraction. Regulating documents is the most fundamental day-to-day work. And if you can automate this time, take manual work to automatic data extraction. This will lead to being a revolutionary decision by you. Saving that little time and Manual process will increase your productivity by multiple times.


What is document extraction?

Automated document processing or rather an Intelligent document processing is a process of seamlessly extracting data from documents that can be easily dumped into an Excel sheet or can be directly integrated with an ERP system using API.

Document extraction involves a step-by-step process for extracting meaningful data from documents, though no system can claim to be 100 % accurate with time the system will evolve and will be more accurate using artificial intelligence.


Process of converting PDFs to Google sheets


PDF documents processing

Before the data extraction model, PDFs need to be in the cleanest and most organized way. The more organized the pdf looks, the more it will be easier for an ML-based doc extractor to extract the document from that.

This complete process should be done just before the OCR optical character recognition is run on them.


2. Data extraction model

This is the most important process, data extraction from a document with the help of an ML-based model. In this process, the organized PDF data get extracted with the help of tools, text, OCR…and all.

This looks like a simple process to tell but believe that this single process leads to multiplying in productivity and reach of the business. Employees can give their time to another productive work instead of age-old manual document data extraction.


3) Google sheets processing

In this step, the data extracted from PDFs with the help of ML-based software is converted into the required format of data extraction. XML, JSON,..these are the formats in which extracted data Google sheets will be ready for you.

This is how PDFs get converted into Google sheets in the easiest and fastest way possible.



How Docextractor can help you in document extraction?

We have our niche in extracting data from various documents and images, and we put in a lot of effort in R&D to bring the best in extracting data.
The mission of Docextractor is to simplify data extraction from documents.

Docextractor’s main strength is its universal accuracy. Because you can rely on the quality of the IDP output, you can process more jobs. This accuracy is the product of a decade of comprehensive testing, analysis, and improvement.



Our API can extract different kinds of complex data from highly varied, multifaceted business invoices.



With our API you can have error-free data from passport and KYC documents using OCR technology. These data will be placed in appropriate fields as well.


Bank Statements

Our OCR API can extract required data from bank statements such as deposits, withdrawals, interests, checks, and payments.


ID Card

Our API can provide you with meaningful digital data from ID cards using OCR technology.



Our API can extract useful data like total amount, tax amount, date, and merchant name from the raw receipt.


Insurance Claim Documents

Insurance claim documents involve a lot of critical data and thus require proper documentation. Our OCR API can help you to make it a digital document.


Cheque Book Data

Our OCR API can extract data from checkbooks and can also fill the data into related fields.


Logistics Information

Logistics services have a lot of paperwork and thus require structured error-free documentation. Our OCR API can extract data and digitalize those data.


Number Plate

With our OCR API, you can extract license plate/Number Plate details easily.

So it’s high time that you need to get yourself and your business. On introduced to this modern-day ML-based tool, Docextractor, data extraction has become a piece of cake. Docextractor is capable to Convert PDFs to Google Sheets Esaily. This will help you automate data extraction in every way possible.

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