How Can You Improve OCR Quality?

how can you improve OCR quality

Automated extraction of files from scanned images or pdf has become easier. It also helps organizations in increasing productivity. Document extraction occurs through software. The software helps in the easy extraction of the files. The software uses few tools for faster document extraction. Sometimes, it differs in quality. Automated data extraction of documents produces no errors. It contains an automatic facility which increases the accuracy. In the case of manual data extraction, there are many complications to face. The complications may be an error, slow working progress, risk of misplacing or leaking official information, and delaying of re-working tasks. The complication gets solved easily during automated data extraction.

The automated data extraction software extracts data by utilizing two tools. The two tools aim to extract data faster with accuracy. The two tools are OCR and IDP. OCR is the oldest document extraction tool. Sometimes, the tools face problem working and shows up errors especially in the case of OCR. The error causes trouble. In that case, there are many ways to improve the quality. The improvement may lead the document extraction with better accuracy.

What is OCR?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is one of the tools used for digital document extraction. It extracts images from pdf as well. OCR also converts jpg to text file. OCR also has many more uses. It is capable of extracting a huge volume of documents within a few seconds. The data such as loan documents, financial statements, mortgage documents, etc. gets extracted by using OCR. In one word, it has a fast capacity for data extraction. By the use of OCR, correction and editing can be made easily. When connected to the software, Optical Character Recognition pdf processes automatically and continuously.

The user finds it easy to use. It avoids the risks of disclosing any essential and official information to unknown sources. It does not take time to extract data, so there are fewer chances of disclosing information. OCR is also capable of making the files easily searchable; users do not find it difficult in processing any document.

In comparison to manual data entry, automated data extraction results in high productivity. In banks, post offices, companies, etc. automated data extraction has replaced the manual data entry tasks. Manual data entry works result in a slow procession of tasks. It even takes multiple days to cover up. There are high chances of misplacing and leaking documents. Automated data extraction using OCR or Optical Character Recognition pdf produces less error. While document extraction through a manual process produces many errors. Re-corrections of the errors take more days to process. In the case of automated data extraction using OCR, re-correction can be made easily without time consumption. Nowadays, it is necessary to use software or application such as Docextractor and tools like OCR in the data extraction of documents.

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Consequences of using OCR

Digital document extraction using OCR has changed the entire system of data entry works. OCR has also helped organizations by increasing productivity. It extracts images from docx. faster and precisely. It also converts jpg to text file. Though it is software, sometimes complications are predictable. The consequences which are observed by using OCR are:


OCR shows up errors. It is due to the quality of the source. The document arrives into the system in a different arrangement. Sometimes, it arrives in unarranged forms. In that case, OCR finds difficulties in reading the documents. Ultimately, it results in poor document extraction. These complications can be improved by following the pre-processing methods. There are lots of advantages to using OCR-based technologies. Similarly, disadvantages are also found, it is important to improve OCR quality. Errors may result in trouble-making problems. The problems which are cannot be handled. Before processing the documents in the OCR engine, check the files and quality of the given document.

Unable to recognize characters

OCR is not advanced technology. It needs to be updated. OCR can extract data faster. It can extract thousands of documents within a few seconds. There are many things to improve in OCR. Sometimes, document arrives in unarranged forms. It contains different formats, layouts, and variations that OCR cannot read. It also finds difficulties in recognizing specific characters such as signatures, phone numbers, numerical, etc. These are more important things to improve in OCR. It results in an error as well. The original documents need to arrange accordingly to the OCR-based format and size. Unable to recognize specific characters and layout, is the main disadvantage of OCR.

how can you improve OCR quality


OCR lacks in quality sometimes. We know OCR finds difficulties in recognizing specific characters. The influence also falls on the quality. It results in poor quality of work. A user expects a good efficiency of work from a machine or an automated technology. The source of the document needs to undergo pre-processing methods to improve its quality. If quality is better, accuracy also seems better. OCR results in errors when the quality of the source is bad. The document needs to be arranged appropriately for data extraction using OCR.

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How OCR works?

OCR is a tool used for data extraction. A tool needs software or application to initiate data extraction. The document arrives into the system or computers through a source. OCR has a quality issue. After undergoing pre-processing methods, it is transfers document to the software. The software connects with the entire system. It also links with OCR. The software with the use of OCR extracts data efficiently. The data extraction results in a faster onset of work. It secures all information. The errors are also minimized as the source is passed through pre-processing methods. Automated software such as Docrextractor extracts data efficiently. It also uses a tool such as OCR for data extraction. Docextractor also results in high efficiency of work.

With the use of automated software, the user finds it useful. It does not consume time and produces better accuracy. Nowadays, it is necessary to use applications like Docextractor for easy documents extraction. It also extracts data accordingly based on excel sheet, XML, CVS, or JSON formats and even uses Google Sheets integration.

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Quality of the Original Image or pdf

The source arrives in the system in unarranged form. OCR cannot read and recognize different formats, variants, and layouts. It cannot read specific characters such as signatures, numerical as well. Due to the reasons, OCR lacks in quality and shows up errors. Before processing it into the software, it must undergo pre-processing methods. The pre-processing method increases the accuracy as well as the efficiency. It also results in avoiding errors. Production of errors results in poor efficiency and quality of work. So, pre-processing methods are necessary.

The pre-processing methods are simple. It can be easily determined. If the source of the image or pdf is good, it will be visible to the native eyes. After processing this document results in better accuracy and produces no errors. It also produces good efficiency of work. If the original documents are not visible to the eyes results in containing errors. It will not produce good quality of work. The higher the quality of the source, the easier OCR works. The higher the quality of the document or scanned images, the easy it is to separate the characters from the original document. Pre-processing methods are important for OCR. Pass the documents through pre-processing methods to obtain the best OCR accuracy and quality.

Quality of the OCR engine

There is no software or application available. Every software or application works in a different algorithm. Mainly, the difference comes in quality. Comparing the accuracy of OCR is also dependent on the OCR engine. It is also necessary to choose a proper quality OCR engine. There is software that results in faster data extraction. It recognizes texts but does not extract data as accurately as the original image. If the quality of the OCR engine is not good, it will show up many more complications. A proper quality OCR engine will extract data precisely. It will not produce any complications.

Software such as Docextractor extracts data accurately. It is one of the best data extraction software. It results in good quality data extraction. Docextractor uses a proper OCR engine to extract data efficiently and precisely. Efficiency and accuracy are very important points in data extraction. Defects in the OCR engine will also lead to errors. Errors symbolize problems. OCR extracts official documents as well. Facing problems while extracting official documents is a vital issue. To avoid these vital complications, it requires a good quality OCR engine.

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Measures to improve OCR quality

We have already discussed the quality of the OCR. Let us know how to improve OCR quality.

Good Quality of the original Image or PDF

Before processing the files into the software linked with OCR, it is necessary to check the quality of the source. If the pdf or scanned image is visible to the bare eyes, it signifies that it is of good quality. The documents can be processed into the OCR engine. It will result in better data extraction. If the pdf or scanned images are not visible to the bare eyes, it will result in poor data extraction. Be sure the document is not damaged before processing it into the OCR engine. Use the cleanest and the original file to produce a good quality data extraction. It will also result in better accuracy. In this way, it results to improve in OCR quality. Software such as Docextractor also uses pre-processing methods to provide data extraction with better accuracy.

Size of the Image or pdf

Before processing it into the software, there are things to arrange into the documents. The quality of the pdf or scanned image must be best. Not only that, it requires the right resolution as well. It is necessary to resize the documents to the correct size. The required size is 1/10 of the original size (1.5mm x 1mm) or less. If the size of the pdf or scanned image seems perfect, it results in accurate extraction of data. This is also one of the important ways to improve OCR quality. Docextractor is an application that uses an OCR engine as well as pre-processing methods such as resizing to extract a good quality OCR-based document.

how can you improve OCR quality

Removing Noise or Denoise

OCR also shows errors when noises are found. OCR finds difficulty reading the document containing noises. Even human eyes cannot read the file filled up with noises. The rate of accuracy will fall. It needs to remove the noises to result in better efficiency. It will also increase the rate of accuracy. Applications like Docextractor undergo the procedure of checking the files before processing them in the OCR engine. It produces better accuracy which leads to increasing the efficiency of work. Removing noises also results to improve OCR quality.

Maintaining Image Contrast

Certain document arrives in an inappropriate forum. Image contrast is also one of those inappropriate forms. It can also be termed as color contrast. For example, a document arrives having a white color background. the background contains the white color printed text. The texts will seem invisible to human eyes as well. OCR will also find difficulties in reading the file. It is necessary to increase the contrast between the background and text. It will bring out more clarity to the output. Before data extraction, Docextractor also adjusts the context and then processes the file for data extraction.

For data extraction, OCR needs the best quality and noise-free documents. Not only that for maintaining the accuracy, but OCR also needs the document to be in the right format as well. Besides color contrast, the right format is also necessary. The documents must present in a horizontal format not inclined. It is also an option to check before processing the document into the OCR engine. Docextractor also checks the formats of the document changes them and then processes it for data extraction.

To improve the data extraction quality using OCR, it undergoes a few pre-processing methods. It is necessary to check the quality of the pdf or scanned images before processing them through the software. Document arrives in inappropriate forms of style. If the document is not passed through the pre-processing methods, it produces poor efficiency of work. It also shows up errors that lead to poor accuracy. It is necessary to extract documents accurately. To improve OCR quality and digital document extraction quality using OCR, follow the methods or measures mentioned.

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