How Manual Invoice Management Process Cost your Big Time?

manual invoice managemnet

The manual data entry process has become an outdated technique of data extraction. Automated data extraction is replacing the manual data entry process. Manual data entry shows up faults and complications. The procedure of manual invoice management takes a longer time to process. If errors are found, it takes more few days. To avoid such errors and complications, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has introduced automated technologies.

Automated technologies work automated and faster. It reduces the risk of errors. It also takes a short period to extract documents. We know companies and other organizations such as banks, post offices, etc. receive a huge volume of documents every day. Dealing with loads of paperwork manually is difficult. In that case, automated technology will work the best as it functions in faster document extraction.

After introducing automated technologies, the overall cost of business is decreasing while the productivity is increasing. If your company is still following the manual invoice management, take a closer look at your business cost. If you want to grow the productivity as well as efficiency of your business, get aware of automated technologies. Let us know today, how the manual invoice management process costs you big time.

Manual Invoice Process

In manual invoice management, it takes time to process the files. In banks, post offices, etc. it has also been seen the work has stopped due to poor server. The customers have to return or wait for the next day. The manual working process is very slow. Sometimes, it happens the server is lost for 2-3 days. Due to poor server, the work delays and takes more time to process. We know that humans are prone to make mistakes. In manual invoice management, errors are predictable. Such as errors found in names, mismatch of photo and name, etc… While given for correction, it takes more days to re-correct it. After observing these disadvantages, automated software has provided the best tools to control the difficulties.


How manual Invoice Management Process Cost your Big Time?


Automated software has made the entire system run easily. In the case of manual invoice management, the employees, as well as the customers, have to go through a lot of difficulties. First of all, it consumes time.


Errors are predictable when the document implements through human labor. Sometimes, error raises the problem. To solve out that, it takes a few more days to process. The errors found especially in typing mistakes such as names, addresses, etc. In document extraction through the manual process in a company, the errors will cause a big problem. The problems arise especially while errors are found in official documents such as financial statements, loan documents, mortgage documents, etc. In the case of automated technology, the working machine will work automatically. The files which will arrive through pdf or scanned images will be transferred into the system. It will convert scanned pdf to editable words within a few seconds. It will not cover days to process. Errors are not predictable in an automated system. It does not take the risk of typing letters manually. It works automatically, so errors are minimized.



The manual invoice management occurs through a link. Sometimes due to many registrations, the link gets jammed. The work stops and the link takes time to reload. The organization faces delays of work and wastage of time. Mainly, the link takes 1-2 days to refresh. It is one of the disadvantages of using manual data processing. In the case of automated technology, it updates with a strong server. It consists of a backup and restores facility. Advanced technologies also work continuously and do not stop working.  It can extract a huge volume of documents within a few seconds. There are no chances of losing the server and reloading problems as it occurs within the software.


Processing bundles of documents manually takes time. It also takes months to execute. While introducing AI technologies, data extraction occurs in a few seconds. It consumes less time. In manual data entry work, there is a decrease in productivity due to time and cost. Manually, an organization spends huge time and a huge amount of money on data extraction. In comparison to automated software, productivity increases while the cost decreases. The works processes faster, strong server, no delay of work, no errors and correction are easily made using automated software. These are the most powerful points to increase productivity. This is how AI technologies are replacing manual efforts day by day.


Manually, data extraction results in poor accuracy and efficiency. Errors are the main reasons for poor accuracy. If accuracy is poor, efficiency leads to a decrease. The work execution is also slow. It costs a huge amount with low quality of work. In the case of automated data extraction, errors minimize as well as it processes files faster. The accuracy of the extracted document increases so that the efficiency also increases. The file does not need to be re-processed for corrections. These are the main reasons for increasing the efficiency of working using automated software.


Processing the files manually also consists of risks. Such as misplacing of documents, leaking of information, losing documents, etc. These are the consequences that have been observed to happen. Manually, there is no security to control the situation. Losing official documents to unknown sources contains high risks. There are also no such protocols that can be followed.

In the case of automated software, it updates with a highly encrypted, cloud-based security system. The coding encrypted in it is hard to break out into the information. It allows hackers and unknown sources to stay away from the documents. Even if, it cracks it has protocols such as it allows the unknown sources into the system for a few seconds. It alarms the organizations and the security locks back in a few seconds. There is a security team to observe such a situation on it. This is how the advanced technologies work and replacing the manual works in following days.


Consequences of Using Manual Invoice Management


laptops with files

  • Slow working progress
  • Errors are highly predictable
  • Poor accuracy
  • Poor efficiency
  • Low productivity
  • High risk
  • Time-consuming
  • Costly

Advanced Alternatives

Manual invoice management is now considered outdated, as advanced technologies are recently launched. The advanced alternatives are replacing the manual efforts of data extractions. The advanced alternative provides advanced facilities which are useful for easy data extraction. The data extraction occurs through software or application. The application requires tools to execute automated data extraction. The tools that initiate automated data extraction are: OCR and IDP

OCR or Optical Character Recognition

OCR is one of the data extraction tools which performs faster data extraction. It runs through automated technology. OCR extracts data faster with better accuracy. It also results in improved efficiency of work. There is a huge reduction in cost. The errors minimize. It controls the risks of misplacing and leaking documents. These are advantages that OCR provides. Not only that, even if a mistake is found, it provides the facility of easy correction as well. It also provides the provision of easily searchable files, which is more difficult in manual invoice management.

The document arrives through pdf or scanned images into the system. The documents transfer to the software linked with the OCR engine. OCR convert scanned pdf to editable words. It also convert pdf to searchable pdf. After the processing, OCR extract images from pdf and extract texts from pdf. It provides smooth and clear extraction of documents. The thing where OCR lacks its usability is OCR finds difficulty in recognizing specific characters and formats. To experience faster and more comfortable data extraction, OCR is best. Organizations must use data extraction software and tools in increasing productivity. Docextractor, known as one of the best data extraction tools which work as the same algorithm to provide the customer a clean, smooth and comfortable data extraction.



IDP or Intelligent Data processing

IDP or Intelligent Document Processing is another data extraction tool that extracts data faster than OCR. It consists of more advanced updates than OCR. IDP works similarly so does OCR. It extracts data more efficiently and accurately. Errors are not predictable in the case of IDP. To increase the accuracy of IDP, it undergoes a few pre-processing methods as well. IDP or Intelligent Document Processing can read and recognize specific characters such as phone numbers, handwritten characters, signatures, etc. It also reads and recognizes different formats, variants, and layouts automatically. IDP also reduces the risk of misplacing and leaking documents. It also performs huge cost reductions in organizations.

IDP also functions in increasing productivity. The productivity increases due to faster working progress with better efficiency. Errors minimize than manual efforts. It also converts scanned pdf to seachable pdf. Not only that, it can auto-classify, auto-categorize, and auto-crop the documents. IDP also extract data from images and extract texts from pdf. Before processing the files, a quality check is necessarily required. Organizations must use these automated technologies to minimize the errors caused by manual labor. The process of document extraction through automated software is secure as well. The system safeguards all information due to cloud-based security codes. Automated software such as Docextractor has changed the entire system of data extraction. It extracts data using IDP by following the necessary algorithm. Docextractor extracts data into excel sheet, XML, CVS, or JSON format and also uses Google Sheet Integration.

Significance of Using Advanced alternatives

Using automated technologies provides much more benefits to the user, it extracts data faster. After introducing the AI technologies, the system of data extraction has gained a different place. It extracts data more efficiently and accurately. It provides the customers with different benefits. Easy extraction and time reduction are the main two points that attract the users of using automated technologies.

Data extraction using OCR and IDP has made document extraction easier. It reduces the risks of losing documents. Minimizes the risks of errors as well. The automated data extraction software connects with the entire system when the document arrives via mail and other social media platforms. Besides, the documents are transferred to the software. By using the data extraction tools such as OCR and IDP, the software extracts data accurately.

The software is updated with a strong server, such as if the information is lost or deleted, it can be restored easily. It also consists of backup options, the information will be updated daily. AI technologies are replacing manual efforts faster. The customers do not need to waste hours in simple data entry tasks. Whereas the users can invest it in some useful tasks. The time management will be secured. No extra wastage of time. No extra money investment. Only automated software aims to extract faster with improved efficiency.

manual invoice managemnet

Best data extraction tool of 2022

Let us know about the automated software or application. There is different software or application available in the market. Software varies in quality. Different software has different weaknesses. Not all software can be trusted for accurate data extraction. There are a doubtful few of them.

Automated software such as Docextractor extracts data faster. It undergoes quality checks as well. Docextracts with the use of OCR and IDP extracts data with better accuracy. Even as accuracy increases efficiency increases as well. It leads to increased productivity. After the following processing, Docextractor according to the customer’s requirement extracts data in excel sheets, XML, CVS, or JSON format, and even Google Sheet Integration.

Manual invoice management contains complications that are needed to be changed. Data extraction through a manual process is difficult. It takes time to process. To ignore the difficulties and complications, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has brought advanced technologies. The advanced technology contains the capabilities of faster data extraction. It supports the organizations to extract sensitive documents securely. Extracting documents securely with providing better accuracy, also leads to increased productivity. Data extraction using OCR and IDP has also replaced manual efforts in many cases.



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