Data Extraction: How to Automate Resumes?

Data Extraction

In this 3.0 revolution of technology, what matters is how fast you automate your manual work? This will not only lead to making the new tasks easy but also this will increase your productivity by multiple times percent. We all know that this era is shifting swiftly to next-generation technology and AI. Combining with deep learning and machine learning, data extraction of documents is also possible now. And if you want to know and be a part of this competition, then you will have to use your time at the best level possible.

Now you must be thinking, how can someone use his time in the best way possible?

I know that your working environment and work culture is fantastically organized . But do you know you are still doing those task manually, which can be done very easily just by automating it ?

People don’t panic today in this blog you will get to know about one of the best document extraction tool ever built, Docextractor.



What is Docextractor?

Docextractor helps businesses to reduce manual effort by processing thousands of documents in seconds using AI.

The mission of Docextractor is to simplify data extraction from documents.

Docextractor’s main strength is its universal accuracy. Because you can rely on the quality of the IDP output, you can process more jobs. This accuracy is the product of a decade of comprehensive testing, analysis, and improvement.


Importance of Resume

We all know that recruitment is one of the most important stages in order to be built a strong and organized startup. Recruitment can be done on various bases, but undoubtedly resume is the most significant part of it. In order to find the best possible employer or intern, the recruiter will have to go through their resume thoroughly.

Every company needs to recruit thousands of people every year according to their needs. That means going through thousands of resumes manually.

Oh My God, Can you imagine the time it takes to go through a thousand resumes manually? Now this question is the answer to how Docextractor can help you increase your productivity by multiple times…



About Resume parsing

The process of converting unstructured form of resume data into an organized way is called Resume parsing.

Ok, let’s understand it in a better way …
A program that analyzes and extracts data from resumes and then converts it into a machine-friendly format like XML or JSON. This is how Docextractor can help you automate data extraction.



How does Automating Resumes Data Extraction take place?

1)Analyzing the resume/CV information and also converting it to machine-readable formats such as JSON and XML.

2)Accepting data from all types of resume formats such as PDF, DOCX, TXT, ODT. Later, extracting data from it in different sections.

3)However, extracting data and converting it into different sections such as personal information, skills, qualification, certification…and all.

4)Providing data in an organized and minimized way to make it easy for recruiters consequently.

Data Extraction

Can Easily Automate Data Extraction from Every Type of Resume-

1)Online resume
2)Functional resume
3)Combination resume
4)Traditional resume
5)Chronological resume


Extracting and Organizing Data-

1)Qualification of employee
2)Skills of employee
3)Education details
4)Work sector details
5)Personal information
6)Experience and expertise

Data Extraction

How Docextractor can Help you in Data Extraction from your Resume?

Sending Files using Data Extraction

You can send your files to us, or they can be shared 24/7 for data extraction. It uses different channels like email. Our API can process PDF, JPG, PNG, and other file formats and can also convert them to JSON, PDF/A, XLSX, CSV, or XML

Quick Response of Automated Data Extraction

Doc-Extractor OCR API converts documents like receipts, invoices, contracts, and passports into digital data that is really quick. You don’t have to wait for long hours during the process.

Output Format of Data Extraction

We accept a large variety of document formats. We are also flexible while providing you with the output files. Submit your document and get results based on your needs.


More about Docextractor

Our Services

Doc-Extractor helps businesses by extracting all relevant information from documents in seconds be it Process receipts, invoices, contracts, passports, and other documents, using our OCR Service

  • Invoice
  • ID Card
  • Receipts
  • Logistics
  • Bank Statement
  • Cheques
  • Number Plate
  • Images


Docextractor is the best data extraction software for 2021. This provides you with the best possible tool to automate data extraction. It is useful and essential for every type of business and organization.

Docextractor will help you extract resume data in an organized and most efficient way possible.


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