RPA: 5 Things to Look for a Company


What is RPA?

RPA or Robotic automation processes are selling like hotcakes and most of the companies have great features to eliminate manual redundant jobs on a daily basis.

We will specifically look for the features and comparison where you can do document processing at scale. Most of the RPA software lacks great OCR engines, either they integrate with 3rd party OCR solutions like Google vision, Amazon extract, or other OCR which makes your data vulnerable to be shared with 3rd party service.


Having worked on both tools and custom solutions for data extraction here are the 5 things to look for before choosing one. 

Auto Rotation

Documents come in various shapes and sizes and are rotatable. Most of the RPA solutions fail to identify rotated images/documents which eventually fails to extract the desired data as OCR engines cannot optimally recognize character when the document is rotated. This leads to failure in data extraction and eventually, someone has to intervene to cross-verify which images/documents are rotated. 


Security using RPA

Your data is confidential, and I hope you won’t want to share the data with other 3rd parties, but unfortunately, your data is transferable through the RPA tool for OCR which you can use like Google Vision, Azure service, Abby, or through any other OCR service. This makes your data vulnerable to share with the 3rd parties. 


Accuracy using RPA

Accuracy of extraction depends on various factors like :

1) quality of images/documents 

2) skewness 

3) OCR engines 

From our experience, Google vision provides more accurate extraction than its peers but with preprocessing of documents, tesseract can also give you higher accuracy, and it won’t cost you a recurring amount. 


Is your RPA tool trainable? Mostly NO. Document extraction requires training as the format of documents changes from time to time. You need to look for a system where you can train the algorithm for accurate detection and extraction. Most RPA tool fails to do that and Eventually, your investment in choosing an RPA tool for Document Extraction fails as you have to look for solutions that can be trainable from time to time.



Most RPA tools have these features where you can integrate various systems for data flow using webhooks/API / screen capture. This helps you to integrate your excitement. The system with the RPA tool and the data extracted synchronize with the system you use. 

Doc Extractor is the best Intelligent Document Processing software in the market that will help you in your data extraction journey. Feel free to contact us. 

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