15 Use-Cases of IDP in Logistics Services Company

Do you work in a Logistics firm? Are you a project manager of the company?

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, logistics services play an important role in ensuring the smooth flow of goods from one place to another. With the rapid growth of e-commerce and global trade, the demand for logistics services has skyrocketed, thereby increasing the need for more efficient and cost-effective solutions.

I know, you know, and understand this as employees of the Logistics Company. Also, you know, how it difficult is to manage the all paper documents and data of the company for further data processing.

In this blog post, I am gonna show you the 15 Use cases of IDP in the logistics industry and how it can be used to streamline various processes and improve overall performance.

1. Inventory Management

Intelligent document processing Technology can also be applied to inventory management to automate the process of capturing and updating information about stock levels, supplier details, and product information. IDP software extracts data from purchase orders, Invoices, or any other relevant documents automatically with one or two clicks, and stores it in the inventory system. This Automation reduces manual tasks with less effort. The extracted data can then be integrated into inventory management systems to provide real-time insight into stock levels, supplier performance, and demand forecasting. 

2. Logistics Documents

As you are working in Logistic Sector, you know, how much time and how much time, you are directly or indirectly involved in Paperwork. You know, it is very difficult and time-consuming, you work with this unstructured data. By using, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Software like Docextractor, it can automatically, extract and classify data from unstructured documents using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. The software provides a data integration system with logistics management systems for further analysis and streamlined decision-making processes. IDP can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics document processing

3. Bill of lading management

In the Logistic Industry, the Bill of Lading is very important that is used to determine the contracts between shippers and carriers with shipping data such ara Shipment details, Weight, and Delivery Date. Using, Intelligent Document Software, it can be scanned and automatically extract data from the Bill of Lading, and the next step I automatically store it in the company’s database.  Eliminating the manual effort and errors associated with manual data entry and providing real-time visibility into shipment status, helping workers, and notifying stakeholders for further processing.

4. Customs Documents Management

It is the Logistic Industry, here, you have to work with International Trade. If you do, any business contact with an International company, you will involve in a huge amount of paper documents which are designed and structured in many ways. If Employee of the company is not experiencing those type of paper, they will face many data collection issue. To resolve this, IDP is used. IDP digitalized all unstructured documents and extract key data points and add them to specific fields of customer accounts for ready reference.

5. Managing packaging inventory in a warehouse

Integrating Intelligent Document Processing Software with Warehouse Packaging inventory can speed up the streamlined process. With AI and ML algorithms of the software, it digitalizes the relevant documents such are invoices, Purchase orders, uses inventory tracking software to monitor the number of Stocks, and automates the Data Entry through the OCR technology.

6. Truck seller’s Fuel Consumption Statement

A fuel consumption statement that includes information such as the make and model of the truck, total miles driven, total fuel consumption, and average fuel consumption per mile.  The Vendor can upload or email truck fuel bills to the vendor portal to the authority. Basically, By using the IDP software, this manual process can be automated. Automatically, capturing data and integrating data into customer accounting systems for processing. Automatically trigger status to all stakeholders at each stage of processing.

7. Fuel consumption statement

On the Management side, after receiving the Fuel Consumption information in PDF from the Truck Vendor, the Employee manually copies and paste the data from PDF to the ERP system. Integrating IDP software, automatically, this fuel data is extracted and converted into a structured format and saved data in accounting systems for processing.

8. Vehicle Health Reporting

As if, it is a logistics company, so, it is very important to health check all Vehicles. Using IDP software, it extracts the data from reports of the vehicle leasing company and then further processes for decision-making. This system can detect and alert users to any potential problems with their vehicles, helping to reduce the risk of breakdowns and costly repairs. By Integrating this software with the vehicle leasing company’s case management folder in Cloud ECM, the process will be fully automated forgetting report.

9. Vehicle Repair Billing

In logistic sectors, Vehicles are Must used. Their many vehicles are running daily basis to transferring good one place to another. For doing that, sometimes, it fails to run, that’s time, it needs to repair. After preparing the vehicle, the Vehicle repair bill as per the vehicle sent to the Authority to check Manually. The Bill includes the data of all repairs performed, parts used, and labor involved, and calculating the total cost of the repair. Using intelligent document processing software, it automatically, Verifies repair reasons mentioned in bills as per the contract agreement and compares data with pre-ingested contract details using RPA bots. Release the bill for processing if the bill agrees with the contract otherwise, send an auto-rejection trigger email to the vehicle leasing company.

10. Freight Audit and Payment

Integent document processing software can be used to streamline the entire freight audit and payment process, from capturing and verifying invoices to creating payment requests and reconciling payments. From the Paper Invoice DOcuments, IDP software extracts driver information including pick-up and destination, miles traveled, bill of lading number, vehicle number, Bank account details, etc. Then, it automatically calculates the Payment Amount and triggers the Account Department to initiate the Payment.

Invoice Processing and Reporting

IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) is a technology that can be used to automate the process of invoice processing and reporting in the logistics sector. IDP software uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Technology to read and extract data from Each and every Invoice of the Logistic Company. After automatically extracting the data, it stored the data in Excel Sheet with High Accuracy and makes bulk payments through the Accounts Payable section.

12. Automated Calling Service Facility

Working with hundreds and thousands of people, Logistics companies need to automate their Call Centre Management. Using IDP software and RPA, it collects data from multiple systems and retrieves customer freight details such as customer name, delivery status, terminal details, and expected time of delivery. The system can use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to extract relevant information from documents and use it to create personalized scripts for each call. The system can also use speech recognition technology to update documents and improve the accuracy of future calls. 

13. Automated License Forms Filling

As a Logistic Company, It is important to store the Driving License and driver details with vehicle number with the main ERP system.  With the help of Intelligent Document Software Like Docextractor and RPA, it automatically downloads Driving License documents from the Drive and Extracts the main data such are License Number, and Applicants name from the file by using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms and save it to Excel, business core systems, websites, etc.

14. Shipment management

IDP (Intelligent Data Processing) software uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to automate and  Speed up shipments Works by digitizing shipment paperwork which is received via fax, Excel spreadsheets, and online forms. This technology extracts data from the raw source of the Ship management company and then it processes to their ERP system to store it and further processing.

15. Safety and Compliance

Intelligent document processing Software enables companies to identify, classify, and process documents in a secure and compliant manner. Analyzing data and automating various processes helps the company to ensure security and compliance across overall the industry. IDPs can also help comply with regulations, assess risks, monitor shipments and driver performance, and report.

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